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Subwoofer repairs

Discussion in 'audio' started by ExtremePie, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. ExtremePie

    ExtremePie pfm Member

    My brother in law has a broken KEF subwoofer which is hummin' away like mad and not otherwise working.
    Sounds like the integral amp is playing up to me, does anyone know of where / how that could be repaired? Or would a new amplifier be the way forward if access was possible to the unit?
    He's close to Northampton, so any suggestions in that area would be very welcome.
  2. steve watkins

    steve watkins pfm Member

    If it is a model PSW2000/2010
    Kef had more than a few issues with these. You used to be able to call KEF direct and arrange an exchange replacement. Failing that any KEF dealer will obtain and put a new amp in it. Assuming there are some left. You may have to send it back and have it repaired. It used to be about £50 exchange plus any dealer fitting charges.
  3. wow&flutter

    wow&flutter pfm Member

    I'm sure i've seen a board exchange via someone on the Bay, I think it was around £50. A mate of mine repairs audio/video gear and I visit him every week. It's rare not to see one of these on his shelves and he's told me 95% have been straight forward to repair but the other 5% have been much more involved with lots of componens required.
    He's also seen this model come under various names so it must have been "outsourced" by Kef
  4. ExtremePie

    ExtremePie pfm Member

    Thanks for the help. I'm not offhand sure what model it is so I'll find out and then look at a quick repair. Can I assume that almost any sub-w type amp would do the job if necessary?

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