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Sugden A48II

Discussion in 'd.i.y.' started by Chris, May 21, 2020.

  1. Chris

    Chris pfm Member

    I previously posted this in the Classic forum by mistake so excuse me for reposting here just in case anyone has experience of this amp..
    am in the process of removing the Nextel crap from my orange stripe A48II At the same time I will get my EE mate to service it. Might it be worth asking him about fitting a defeat switch somehow for all those varying combinations of filters and slopes for same plus rumble filter, reverse, mono none of which I ever remember using in a bid to eliminate possible sources of noise. In fact basically trying to use the power output module and a volume control somehow. I only intend using it with my valve phono stage and possibly a Chromecaster audio. I will probably also change the Alps Blue for one of the Chinese stepped attenuators which worked well in my A21SE being much quieter. Any other suggestions ?

    PS I have removed the nextel and used Plastic Dip vinyl paint on the bare metal - works a treat if you don´t scratch it or catch it with a fingernail in which case you just pull it all off in one piece like a rubber mask and respray it
  2. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    Convert it to MkI spec. Not an easy job.
  3. fiveamp

    fiveamp Active Member

    Or sell it to somebody who can appreciate it for what it is. The filters and the nextel were part of the charm of the A48II. You appear to be trying to build some sort of minimalist frankenamp from bits of A48. Rather than trying to achieve your end from what you have, why not just spec your end and work out what bits you need to get there, then flog your leftover bits to somebody who wants them?

    When I got my A48II over 40 years ago it was my second choice over a Quad 33/303, and now I have both. I now have an Exposure 3010S2D which I use for listening to music in the living room, but the Quad is something I still use, whereas the Sugden I sort of just maintain (and it now needs a major recap on the power amp boards).

    oh, and if you ever find a HiFi Choice or whatever review from the early 1980s from somebody called Hugh something or other slagging off the A48II, just ignore it, as he was a moron.
  4. Chris

    Chris pfm Member

    My asking about the A48 is that I am at a bit of a crossroads - 70 years old, totally deaf in one ear and wishing to recoup my A48 to enable me p'erhaps to sell my A21SE as I feel I can no longer appreciate its advantages and I was hoping that , keeping my severely tuned valve phono stage which IMHO is a bit special, the resulting A48 "retro" bassy emphasis I wouldn´t lose too much. It was just an idea. I guess I´ll try the A48 as is and see what happens. Any suggestions re. recapping . Ut hasn´t been touched since 1989 when I bought it. -
  5. fiveamp

    fiveamp Active Member

    The big four electrolytics are easy to get at and replace. The smaller ones on the two power amp boards look like a bit of a faff, though, in terms of getting the boards out.
  6. Chris

    Chris pfm Member


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