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System pics 2013 part I

Discussion in 'reference' started by Tony L, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. vln

    vln Shuns mooks. And MQA.


    I assume the TV is wall mounted? Have you considered moving the stuff in the cupboard onto the shelves/sideboard/furniture to the left or right of the speakers?

    With nothing in between the speakers, some say additional sonic benefits may be gained, and it would look less cramped.

  2. pil

    pil pfm Member

    Do you sit in the chair that close to them?
  3. JTC

    JTC PFM Villager...

    The system isn't moving; we looked at side mounting the system but the speakers would look even dafter without something inbetween (a lot to do with their depth). I sometimes sit in that chair, yes, or sometimes in the sofa that's maybe eight feet further back. Sound is always better nearfield, so it works really well apart from bass weight (there's a null there).
  4. arthur

    arthur Banned

    My pre-tidy pic...

  5. arthur

    arthur Banned

    [​IMG][/IMG]And number 2
  6. arthur

    arthur Banned

    And feeding the Trios...

  7. ultrawomble

    ultrawomble Sith Lord

    Living on the ceiling?
  8. MVV

    MVV pfm Member

  9. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Australian PFM member i see.
  10. JTC

    JTC PFM Villager...

    You know, Arthur, ceiling mounting my ATCs would solve many problems... just not sure if the wife would take to it...
  11. arthur

    arthur Banned

    I'm not getting any of this. Are my pictures upside down on your broken computers?
    They look fine on mine.:confused:
  12. arthur

    arthur Banned


    On the ipad, with which I posted them, the second two photos are fine. but looked at with the macbook they are upside down???

    eh what?
  13. formbypc

    formbypc pfm Member

    iPad and iPhone photos are always upside down when viewed on my PC. Put them thru a photo editor to rotate them
  14. arthur

    arthur Banned

    Just don't stand beneath those monsters mate.
  15. Jonathan Ribee

    Jonathan Ribee Unavailable at present


    meep meep
  16. Jack Barriere

    Jack Barriere Me, you and them

    Those are me builds.
  17. Jack Barriere

    Jack Barriere Me, you and them

    Yes I do. Relocated them around the house so I can have a wall to place the 109s properly. Huge improvement :)

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