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Teddy Pardo 555DRPS Killer

Discussion in 'audio' started by CheshireCheese, May 21, 2019.

  1. andrews

    andrews pfm Member

  2. miles_b

    miles_b pfm Member

    I own two Teddy power supplies, and I'm very happy with the Teddy XPS powering my CDS3. I was just noticing last night that used CD555s are coming up occasionally for what I could probably get by selling on the CDS3, but I would need the 2nd PS connection to run one. So I'd be curious about a Teddy 555PS if such a thing were to be produced. In my previous profession, performing in-warranty hardware service for Apple, I've seen more than a handful of defective power supplies damage downstream components, so I was initially weary trying a non-Naim power supply. I guess I figured if it were a defect within a Naim PS, they would repair the damage it caused. But after about 2.5 years of running a Teddy XPS and HiCap, I have no reservations about the quality of his power supplies. Other manufacturers have yet to win that level of trust with me.

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