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Teddy Supercap - Who's Got One ?

Discussion in 'audio' started by linntroika, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. linntroika

    linntroika pfm Member


    I have previously owned Teddycap( replaced my Hicap) and Teddy Xps(powered CDX2) - both which i really enjoyed (regret selling XPS)
    After experimenting with mac/ dac i have decided to go back to Naim Pre again(had 72)
    I have just purchased a 52 (pots8) and currently sending it off for a service . I have not heard the teddy supercap
    So my question is - Just how good are they - how do they compare to Naim supercap

    And finally has anyone ever seen a Teddy Supercap for sale on Pfm ??


  2. positive_energy

    positive_energy pfm Member

  3. Jaspercat

    Jaspercat pfm Member

    I have a Teddy Supercap powering my NAC 252 and I was impressed with the sound quality over the NAC 282 it replaced.

    I was influenced by this thread

    about the dual Teddy Cap v the Naim Supercap and on that basis and the price differential I opted for the TSC over the Naim.

    My goal is the NAC 552 so I have not gone to the trouble of comparing the Naim SC even though I have seen them priced to sell on the second hand market and even though a new regulator version is available at a lower price.
  4. hifistan

    hifistan pfm Member

    I had one powering my Naim Superline; I have just sold both to a friend for his Wilson Sasha, AR Ref 5, Lamm amp, Raven 1 with Graham Phantom - Koetsu Vermillion system. It replaced a Tron and ON THIS SYSTEM sounded considerably better. I was very happy with the TSC performance and construction. I also have an ASR Basis Exclusive which I am quite happy with; turning the sale money into a Townshend Allegri, Tiger Paw Khan and Koetsu Red.
  5. DavidD

    DavidD pfm Member

    I'm another TSC & Superline user, but that doesn't help the OP much! I did try using the TSC to power my NAC 72/821a in place of my TPX2. The difference was subtle, perhaps the small Naim mid-bass hump I had in this system was reduced but I wouldn't swear to it. I certainly wouldn't consider a TSC an upgrade over a TPX2 when powering only a 72. However I do know that the TSC has no audible transformer hum if that's any help.
  6. naimplayer

    naimplayer Aspiring to be a halfwit.

    Just noted in another thread that the new DR SuperCap is £3795.00, about £2400.00 more than the Teddy SC.
    I would love to try the Teddy SC out with my NAC 52 just to see.

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