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Teddypardo ND555 & NDS power supply is here

Discussion in 'audio' started by Hound, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. No Quarter

    No Quarter Member

    Thank you, good to know.
  2. rattlesnaic

    rattlesnaic pfm Member

    Well I've had my TXPS+ for a good month now
    Simply removing the link plug from my NDS and plugging the TXPS+ in using the #2 Burndy that came with the NDS and keeping my XPS DR plugged in to the #1 socket
    The improvement is nothing short of superb, Bass is deeper more powerful and extended, Vocals whilst slightly deeper in the mix are clearer and more natural more human,
    And the treble well cymbals go on forever.
    Anyone with a NDS who can't or won't pay £7k for an 555PS should really get one of these for me its a no brainer
    If you don't like it you can return it but I can't see Teddy Pardos' returns department being very busy with these.
    Now back to the music
    Phil UK, Hound and rontoolsie like this.
  3. andrews

    andrews pfm Member

    Please can you let us knwo what is the rest of your system - as you describe a very marked jump in performance - perhaps more than that described by Hound?
  4. rattlesnaic

    rattlesnaic pfm Member

    System is NDS,XPS DR, TXPS+,252, Supercap DR,250 DR, Linn Kabers
  5. andrews

    andrews pfm Member


    Hound added the TXPS+ to a 555 - and you to a XPS-DR - which presumably accounst for the different reports?
  6. No Quarter

    No Quarter Member

    Thanks for the update rattlesnaic, I use an XPSDR with my NDS right now, so very encouraging news. It seems like Hound has gone silent about his for some reason.
  7. andrews

    andrews pfm Member

    Hound - your update would be appreciated!
  8. No Quarter

    No Quarter Member

    I just noticed a new thread on the Naim forum called “XPSDR -I’m a believer”. He states that he was using an Israeli XPS on his NDX, and recently aquired an XPSDR, and installing it was a significant upgrade over the Teddy PS. This has me a little worried about the Teddy XPS+, and definitely convinces me to keep my XPSDR. I will try the Teddy PS at some point, I just wanted to point members to that thread on the Naim forum.
  9. Hound

    Hound pfm Member

    Hi all, not gone away, just been busy working and sending my thoughts back to Israel.
    I will paste and add the last email i sent last weekend

    Right this is what i sent

    Hi happy new year to you all.

    After a nice week and a bit off enjoying too much food and drink, its back to work, but while off i did get to enjoy some music.
    Had a play around with both my power supplies on the NDS, as i sold my chc one. The reason for this was, well over the Christmas break i had my daughter and son home, nice young ears. Well my lad knows a few things about music, but he didn't know which or what i was switching over and i just asked them both which they preferred and more to the point why.

    Well i started with your twin box set up and played a few tracks which they both like, modern stuff really and not for me, but its what they like so went with it, both enjoyed it and liked what it was doing, so after the tracks finished i swapped it over to the naim 555dr and off we went again. After about 15 seconds, my daughter said, it sounds a bit different, is it ment too. I asked her what she thought was different, she said it sounds a bit duller and deeper. Half way into the second track my lad sort of agreed, but he hit it, as he said the middle tones are fuller, rather than being duller. This is what i also found.

    Your power supply has a very natural tone to it, which some might say brighter or more detail compared to the naim, but i think its just because the naim has the extra weight in the midrange that makes it sound like that. On my last speakers, naim S600 runing active with 3 x naim 250's, i found that your power supplies suited my set up much better than the naim ones, as i had the lower range in buckets and a bit less helped. But they both have there own sound and which one people prefer will be up to them, but as said yours could be very helpful if trying to tame bass/ midrange and on the other hand if you run naim SBL's then i think you will not like it as much, as they need as much help as they can get for bass and can be bright.

    But for the price i think its a bargin and unless you have a revealing system, i dont think most people will tell the difference between the naim 555psdr and your twin box.

    Also i have been using both at the same time, naim on socket 1, yours on socket 2. I must admit that i haven't the space on my rack to place your supply properly and still experimenting with it, also tried it the other way round and right now i prefer it the first way round, but not sure if its making any difference really.
    But i have tried 2 x naim 555ps on my nds and didnt think it made any difference, at first when i tried it with yours i did think it was slightly better, but on reflection and going back down to just one power supply doing both, i didn't feel like anything was missing, now some do feel it makes a difference and some dont, it could just be that i am not able to hear it and sorry to say i didnt try it on my kids.

    One last thing is that in a few weeks time i should once again have a nd555 to try for a week or so, as you can expect i will be testing it out.

    I hope that i have been helpful in my findings and i have reported my findings on a few different sites and even on the naim Facebook page, which i did think would get deleted but it didnt. Its gone down well i think and quite a few asking when they could order one, so i hope you sell lots.
  10. Hound

    Hound pfm Member

    Just to add, i do feel that if you have a teddy xps already then adding the second is a great way to go and brings a nice uplift with it, or if you are about to buy a NDS and dont want or can't afford a 555ps, then i dont think you will be missing out, the 555psdr does add a bit extra, but at a cost.
    The price of the NDS and the teddy twin supply gets you a very good dac / streamer and power supply and is a good way to go, yes it does sound a bit different to the naim 555dr, but as i said above, its about what you like and what system you will be using it on
  11. dknk

    dknk New Member

    That's my thread on that forum. I stand by it, the Teddy XPS was an improvement on the bare NDX to me. The Naim XPS DR was to my ears a much better experience. I'd rather that not be true, but it just is in my case.
    No Quarter likes this.
  12. PerF

    PerF Member

    Not easy as Naim do not allow any free speech of that subject
  13. dknk

    dknk New Member

    So far, it's still there, not moderated. But I get what you are saying.
  14. rattlesnaic

    rattlesnaic pfm Member

    dknk is your Teddy XPS a latest model or an earlier one ?
  15. Dave***t

    Dave***t pfm Member

    Be fair, there’s a big difference in tone, even if not in effect, between being against free speech and not wanting to host discussion of equipment and modifications which they cannot vouch for, and which could burn someone’s house down if poorly designed/made.

    Avoiding potential law suits and even tragedy isn’t the same as being the Chinese government.
    Mickdale likes this.
  16. dknk

    dknk New Member

    I'm the second owner, so it's likely about 5 years old. It does not have Teddy Pardo inscribed on the front plate which I think the newest is. MK III on the printed manual paper.
  17. andrews

    andrews pfm Member

    I started with an NDX(1) - and found that the TXPS added little.
    When I upgrdaed to the NDS I realsied that the NDX(1) really is not a great streamer
    In my experience the NDS+TXPS is *much* better than the NDX+NaimXPS (borrowed from a friend) - and given the second hand market, I suspect the price diferential is not too great
  18. andrews

    andrews pfm Member

    You seem to be describing (and perhaps prefer and/or are more accoustemed to) the Naim 'sound' with its 'mid-bass hump'?
  19. No Quarter

    No Quarter Member

    It sounds like I would be better off keeping my Naim Xpsdr and adding a Teddy Xps+ to my NDS, rather than selling my Xpsdr and buying both Teddy supplies for my NDS...right?
  20. andrews

    andrews pfm Member

    I'm not sure who on PFM has the experience to answer that question?

    In my case, I am interested in the effect of adding an TXPS+ to my NDS/TXPS

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