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The bike accessory recommendation thread

Discussion in 'off topic' started by cutting42, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Mr_Sukebe

    Mr_Sukebe pfm Member

    A few ideas:
    - Chamois cream. Didn't use it on short distances, but found it great when I was out for longer journeys, i.e. 2 hours +
    - Decent pannier. I used an alloy lightweight one with Ortlieb pannier bags. I always hated using a rucksack whilst cycling and found the pannier rack to be a brilliant solution. The Ortlieb bags are very much water proof and look like they'll last forever
    - Brookes B17 seat. I know that seats are very personal, but it's the only seat that I've not got off having ridden some distance, ending up walking like John Wayne
    - Specialized MTB shoes with cleats and appropriate pedals. Tried road bike shoes and much preferred the slightly heavier, but FAR more useful in the real world MTB shoes
    - Specialized fingerless gloves with gel. Love em.
  2. Arkless Electronics

    Arkless Electronics Trade: Amp design and repairs.

    It's good quality stuff... Reynolds 531 Pennine frame, top Shimano and campagnolo stuff, Mavic rims etc etc... but very old. Oh I forgot to add the 4-5 spokes so far this year...
    Tyres are always correctly inflated. I wouldn't touch Swalbe with a barge pole after my first (and will be last) experience with them... the rubber kind of "went off" after about 6 months and they burst... first the rear one through the sidewall then a week later the front one just split open.... these were the anti puncture ones too...
    I've had similar unreliability from all other push bikes as well. Last one was a Giant.
  3. HarryB

    HarryB pfm Member

    Sounds like you are riding about on a museum on wheels.
  4. sean99

    sean99 pfm Member

    Neither did I until I tried one. Try covering the rear view mirror in your car for a few days - once you've had one it's hard to go back.
    docstocker likes this.
  5. HarryB

    HarryB pfm Member

    I'm on a bike not in a car. No thanks.
  6. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr pfm Member

    Not keen on one close to my face, but would consider a handlebar-mounted one. Any recommendations or linkys?
  7. Guitar Beard

    Guitar Beard pfm Member

    Schwalbe marathon tyres need to be run near their max pressure otherwise splits can occurr. Run mine around 80 psi with no failures
  8. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    I like a handlebar mirror on a commuter. It helps you see the psychotic murdering bastards who come at you from the other direction, while you are avoiding the idiots in front of you.
    TheDecameron and foxwelljsly like this.
  9. sean99

    sean99 pfm Member

    No - I have a friend who bought one for the same reasons you cite but he doesn't like it. The glasses mount mirror is flat and non-distorting, but to give an effective field of view the handlebar mirrors are frequently convex so make cars seem more distant - also he doesn't like glancing down, where the glasses mount require only a tiny movement of the head/eyes to scan the entire road behind. When we're on rides I'm always the first to see cars approaching from behind - well before the guys with the handlebar mirrors see them. Even at the front of the line I'm the one calling "car back".

    I would see if you can find a bike shop to let you try both and take a few minutes to adjust to the glasses mount mirror - it does take a little getting used to.

    The main benefit of the mirror is that I always know when I can take the full lane without risking road rage - really handy on poor quality roads, and I can better plan/time my turns across traffic (left turns here in the US - right turns in the UK) because I can more or less constantly scan oncoming and traffic from the rear without too many head turns (I always do a head turn before crossing traffic - but I think that's more paranoia than necessity).
  10. sq225917

    sq225917 situation engineer

    I have ears for that, but wondering about a small right hand bar drop plug mirror for all these leccy cars.
  11. sean99

    sean99 pfm Member

    I see cars a long time before I hear them. Unless it's a Harley.
  12. cutting42

    cutting42 Heading to Fish Hacker Erg \o/

    Just been looking at Assos as you do, and their new top of the line is £320 !!!!!!!!
  13. Marky-Mark

    Marky-Mark pfm Member

    Some recoil at the thought, but I bought all my bibs secondhand on eBay. High-res pictures tell the tale ... or tail, as it were. I wear underneaths anyway.
  14. andrew d

    andrew d pfm Member

  15. HarryB

    HarryB pfm Member

    FFS. Really?

    I'd just assumed the £200 ones in the shop were the top of the range.

    In their defence, everything I've ever bought from Assos has been the most incredible fit and quality. If money was no object I'd just by Assos.

    About ten years ago I bought an Airjack 851 (or something like that) winter jacket. I've been out in some atrocious weather in it and I've never been cold. I've still got it and despite a few battle scars it's in great nick.
  16. HarryB

    HarryB pfm Member

    Me too. Never, ever, ever, under no circumstances wear anything underneath. As for buying 2nd hand bib shorts, I feel slightly nauseous :)
  17. -alan-

    -alan- pfm Member

    I'm guessing you use your own wipes before venturing onto the seats in public conveniences too Harry :)
  18. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    Simon do you have a link to one?
  19. dan m

    dan m pfm Member

    We always steered clear of the guys in the pack where you could see the outline of their whitey tighties through the Lycra. They were the first ones to grab too much brake if someone flinched a few rows up. Guaranteed chafing and saddle sores after 2 or 3 hours.

    Assos Chamois cream is great, even with the latest pads. Bibs all the way.

    My new favourite accessory are sunblocking white arm warmers that actually cool you when it gets really hot. Better than greasy sunblock cream.

    Also have ortlieb panniers. Highly recommended .
  20. loz_the_guru

    loz_the_guru pfm Member

    I'm using a Lezyne Super GPS which I got for £40 from ebay, after my old Garmin 500 packed up. I have to say i'm really impressed for the price. It's a little clunky and aesthetically not as nice as the Garmins, but saved me around £150 over the equivalent - and that's without the included HRM and cadence/speed sensor. Strava integration is good too.

    I'm sure many of you already use this, but the forums over at bikeradar are a good place to pick up used/new clothing as well as other gear. I've bought a fair bit from there without issue (touch wood), and there's a surprising number of people selling brand new bibs/tops.

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