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The "DNA of Naim" event at DNA audio Leeds

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by dna audio, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. dna audio

    dna audio Trade: DNA Audio

    We are delighted to announce that DNA audio are hosting an event on Saturday 28th March. We will be looking at the History of Naim Audio, Mark Raggett (one of Naims longest standing employees) will be attending along with Colin Mclaren and myself.

    As well as finding out a little more about the Naim journey there will be ample time to listen to a Variety of Naim equipment. Three systems will be playing. There will be a Vinyl source Nait 1 system, CD source Olive 72/Hi-cap/250 system to the current Classic range where we will demonstrate a range of upgrades.

    There will be two sessions running on the day with 20 places available in each one. They will be 11-1 and from 3-5. Drinks and light bites will be available on the day.

    Places will be limited and can be booked by mailing/ringing us.

    Please get in touch on info@dnaaudio.co.uk to book a place.
    01943850650 Tuesday -Friday 1pm - 5.30 Saturday 10.00-5.00pm

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