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The Good Guys: Seller Feedback (Part II)

Discussion in 'reference' started by djnickuk, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. Gaius

    Gaius Trade: Stiletto by Tangerine

    Many thanks, pleasure doing business, nice smooth transaction there.
  2. Strictly Stereo

    Strictly Stereo Trade: Strictly Stereo

    Just received a very nice camera from chilo61. Highly recommended seller.
  3. darkmatter

    darkmatter pfm Member

    Many thanks Chris (christray) for a very smooth transaction with regular updates with tracking and great packaging, a pleasure also and recommended. :)

    Plus it is a great sounding DAC :D
  4. chilo61

    chilo61 pfm Member

    Hi munkee,

    I hope you have fun with your new camera. What a joy to deal with you, a highly recommended PFM member.
  5. Julian H

    Julian H pfm Member


    I have recently sold items too Olli I, naimbadboymatt and Percy Lee. All three transactions were flawless. Happy to do business with them again!

    Cheers, Julian
  6. Olli I

    Olli I pfm Member

    Thanks Julian. Are you sure that Snaxo was used. It sure looks and sounds like new. :)
  7. Olli I

    Olli I pfm Member

    brokenankle bought Mogami speaker cables from me and everything went fast and smoothly. Thanks.
  8. Keith Smith

    Keith Smith Getting older every day.

    Thanks to Frank ( Dubblinn ) for a very, very east sale of the prefix. Fantastic communication, would happily deal again..


    Keith Smith
  9. Julian H

    Julian H pfm Member

  10. vandergraafuk

    vandergraafuk pfm Member

    Thanks to Novak. Buy with confidence from him a thoroughly decent chap. The TXPS is fantastic.
  11. dklude

    dklude Member

    Just purchased a Naim DC1 from Ken. Cable in as new condition, great guy to deal with. Thanks Ken.

  12. Ken C

    Ken C pfm Member

    Thanks Darrel.
    Very straight forward transaction and excellent buyer. This is how things should be.

  13. DubbLinn

    DubbLinn pfm Member

    It was a pleasure doing business with Keith, a great seller, honest description of item and great communications.

  14. Jack Palance

    Jack Palance pfm Member

    Just got a nice Arcam from Carlo at Audio-philia.co.uk. Top chap really went the extra mile to be helpful.
  15. ToTo Man

    ToTo Man the band not the dog

    A big thank you and two thumbs up to PFM'er neilmack who went above and beyond to ensure my new DC4's arrived in tip-top condition. Top bloke! :) .
  16. moon63

    moon63 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to Gerard for Elbow vinyl gratefully received and playing now. Happy days.
  17. killie99

    killie99 pfm Member

    Thanks to Martin J, bought a Mac Mini on Sunday evening from him and it turned up Tuesday!
  18. wow&flutter

    wow&flutter pfm Member

    Had the pleasure of dealing with backtovinyl a couple of weeks back, nice and easy transaction.
  19. 73Chaz

    73Chaz pfm Member

    I have concluded the sale of my Denon TU 501 to Legendz. I was initially reluctant to send the unit to Portugal, but Nuno proved to be a very trustworthy and patient buyer, everything went smoothly. Recommended to buyers / sellers here.


  20. windhoek

    windhoek The Phoolosopher

    Praise and thanks to hoisty from whom I bought a Mana Acoustics 3-Tier rack: see this FS thread. It arrived on schedule and was packaged to an exceptionally high standard. First class seller all round! Cheers, Stephen ;)
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