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The Good Guys: Seller Feedback (Part IV)

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by gary yeowell, Mar 28, 2014.

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  1. canmanbryan

    canmanbryan pfm Member

    Thanks for the feedback Russ. A very easy transaction from my side as well. I'm grateful for the flexibility with sending the DS I was away on holiday for the week, and for trusting such a large bank transfer without knowing me! Glad you are enjoying the Linn....! Many thanks.
  2. pidge22

    pidge22 pfm Member

    Bought a Sage "The Oracle" Espresso Machine from STEVEN2907...very pleased with my purchase & exactly as described...Steve was also very helpful in meeting halfway...thanks
  3. julesd68

    julesd68 pfm Member

    Big respect due to MVJ - bought some cans from him and was very easy to deal with, the whole transaction was a pleasure from start to finish. Nice one.
  4. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

    Many thanks to member Stephen Packer for our recent transaction. Item in perfect condition. A pleasure to deal with.
  5. Taff63

    Taff63 pfm Member

    Great purchase from Mike S - easy transaction, good comms and excellent item!
  6. spikey_w

    spikey_w pfm Member

    Bought the Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge from Tim (aka Spider). He was a patient gentleman with my many questions and responded within a day.It was dispatched promptly but unfortunately delivered 2 days later instead of one but that wasn't Tims' fault. Happy to recommend TIm as a trustworthy seller.

  7. hamjam

    hamjam pfm Member

    A huge thank you to Ant for the audio desk RCM. Works a treat. A shame I couldn't have stopped on longer for that cuppa but the missus (and the dog) were keen to get on back on home to London after a long old drive down from the Lakes.
    Ant likes this.
  8. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Bought a seismic sink from MVJ - a model transaction, great comms and rapid delivery. Many thanks, Steve.
    MVJ likes this.
  9. cartman

    cartman Taking a sabbatical

    Many thanks to Discopants for purchasing my mains block and cables. A pleasure to deal with. Much appreciated.
  10. MVJ

    MVJ madvinyljunkie,Professional Plonker & PFM Member

    Back at ya baby....Great transaction all round perfect!!
  11. Discopants

    Discopants Member

    Likewise cartman. Items as described very well packed and immediate dispatch on payment. Thanks
  12. suzywong

    suzywong pfm Member

    Thanks to Bill (Bourneendboy) for a trouble free transaction. Got it running even as I type :)
    Bourneendboy likes this.
  13. Koen

    Koen pfm Member

    I've bought a pair of Skylan stands from @soverton and it was an absolute pleasure dealing with Sid.
    They were packed really well and arrived in better condition than I expected, because it was like I was unpacking brand new stands!
    Sid is a really nice guy and I hope to deal with him again in future.

    Thank you very much.
  14. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    Many thanks to David (Mongeddavid) for the Res. Audio Opus 21; a great, smooth
    transaction. David shipped it on the day I requested. Excellent player too btw:)
  15. lordmortlock

    lordmortlock pfm Member

    Thanks so much to Anuenlil/Steven for a pleasant, straightforward transaction. I bought an lfd zero from him and from the first pm had every confidence that the item would be well packed and delivered safely, despite living in difference countries.

    Thanks mate, it’s a cracking bit of kit. Aphex twin sounds great on it!
  16. Peter Keen

    Peter Keen pfm Member

    Big plug for John (Justjohn). Great deal on his Q Acoustics Concept 20's, and a pleasure to deal with. An absolute audio bargain BTW! Difficult to comprehend what budget kit can do when you've spent a long time owning and/or desiring expensive stuff.....
  17. JustJohn

    JustJohn pfm Member

    Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for making it an easy transaction all round.
  18. Royd Audio

    Royd Audio Trade: Royd Audio

    Sold a Naim CD5i to tifino who was kind enough to turn up on time, collect and pay cash! Also some good advice about DACs - pleasure meeting a fellow "fisher"


  19. Seanm

    Seanm pfm Member

    Thanks to @FanthorpesHifi for the Exposure amp: more or less immediate dispatch, well packaged, immaculate. And nobody acted hurt when I haggled a little!

    Thanks too to @JustJohn for his door-to-door record delivery service.
    FanthorpesHifi likes this.
  20. ftrtom

    ftrtom pfm Member

    Thanks to tifino (David) for his recent purchases.
    Regards, Tom
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