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The Good Guys: Seller Feedback (Part V)

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Gaius, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. canonman

    canonman pfm Member

    Good to meet Neil and thanks reciprocated. Good luck with getting that other little problem sorted!
  2. Mitch65

    Mitch65 Member

    Big thanks to @DARINO for the quick delivery of the Klimax, good communication and easy to deal with
  3. NotOneIota

    NotOneIota pfm Member

    Thanks to @ks.234 for being such a pleasure to deal with - I just bought his Shahinian Arcs and am enjoying them greatly so far.
  4. badlyread

    badlyread pfm Member

    Thanks to @julifriend for such an easy transaction. Pleasure to do business with you.

    julifriend likes this.
  5. hifilover1979

    hifilover1979 Bigger than you...

    Feedback for Greg - @Nagraboy

    Bought the Topping D10 from him; it's a belting DAC, thank you!
    Nagraboy likes this.
  6. Nagraboy

    Nagraboy pfm Member

    Glad it’s finally arrived Dan! Thanks for the deal, enjoy.
  7. wiresandmore

    wiresandmore pfm Member

    Thanks to Tim - @timmer - for a trouble-free and smooth transaction for the Sonos Connect!
  8. timmer

    timmer pfm Member

    Big thanks to @wiresandmore - totally straightforward transaction - Ireland to UK. Well packaged, quickly delivered and in very good condition. If only everything was this straightforward! Thanks
  9. Edgeyboy

    Edgeyboy pfm Member

    Thanks to @James46 for being so straightforward and easy to deal with. Recommended as a buyer.
  10. wiresandmore

    wiresandmore pfm Member

    Thanks to @Simon66 for a very smooth purchase of the Sonos Amp I had for sale!
  11. badlyread

    badlyread pfm Member

    Thanks to @feg for a smooth transaction.

    All the best

  12. TonyScarlett

    TonyScarlett pfm Member

    Picked up Tannoy Chester's today from Russ (Weeman1973). Just as good if not better than described, pleasure to meet & do business with.
    Many thanks
  13. edgreen

    edgreen pfm Member

    Bought a phone from Dicy - a very easy, hassle-free transaction and an excellent phone.
  14. hifilover1979

    hifilover1979 Bigger than you...

    Feedback for Neil - @Enrae8

    Bought the 2019 iPad Air from me; great comms and speedy payment. Much appreciated :)
  15. wainwj

    wainwj pfm Member

    Bought an item from @BenS.

    Accurately described, wrapped safely and sent immediately by fully insured next day service.
    Delighted with my new toy. Thanks Ben
  16. BenS

    BenS pfm Member

    Brilliant! Hope you like it as much as I did. It’s a superb bit of kit.
  17. Enrae8

    Enrae8 Member

    Bought the iPad from Dan - brilliant,great guy to deal with I’m very happy
  18. garyi

    garyi leave blank

    Shout out to Ptah, diamond speakers arrived in good time and if you told me they were knew I would have believed it.
  19. effinity

    effinity ya memba

    Huge gratitude to Richard @wiresandmore for a very smooth transaction this week. Excellent communication with the extra bonus of fast shipping from Dublin by DPD, well packaged iPad Pro collected Thursday afternoon to arrive in Lancs at 10am this morning, ahead of an expected Tuesday delivery.

    In eBay parlance: Highly recommended seller!
  20. Brennus

    Brennus Well-Known Member

    Richard @wiresandmore
    I bought a phono amp from Richard in March this year. I am only realising now that this is a feedback thread. Anyway everything went smoothly and the P75 is working very well, so I would highly recommend this guy, good to deal with!

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