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The Good Guys: Seller Feedback

Discussion in 'reference' started by packtech, May 26, 2011.

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  1. Keith Smith

    Keith Smith Getting older every day.

    Thanks Mr_Sukebe (Mike)

    Collected rack this morning as arranged perfectly easy transaction..

    Hope you enjoy


    Keith Smith
  2. Zebbo

    Zebbo pfm Member

    Sold my Cadenza Black to Rob, (kosfree), in Australia - nice easy, pleasant transaction with fast payment. Cheers Rob, enjoy the Black.
  3. murchie

    murchie Thommo

    My thanks to the PFMers I have done deals with, Hugh, achaddy,DBarrow,valves and lucaslucas, tried and trusted. Thanks also to neil jadman and Les W great products, my hifi is finally on the right track.
  4. Hugh

    Hugh pfm Member

    Murchie, great guy to deal with.

  5. cyl1000

    cyl1000 Active Member

    merv, the UnitiQute is in good condition. Thanks and nice dealing with you.

  6. Philippe

    Philippe pfm Member

    And a big thumbs up to Cristian (cristianr) in Romania from whom I've just received a Chord Prodac cable that was nicely packed and looks like new. A few problems with a holdup in the postal service but not his fault and he kept me posted :rolleyes: at all stages.

    Pleasure to deal with and highly recommended!
  7. pzblues

    pzblues pfm Member

    Thanks to 'Steve Watkins' who answered my call for a naim remote, good price, fast delivery and as described, excellent fellow, pleasure to deal with.
  8. clamnell

    clamnell pfm Member

    Hi Five: looks brand new, arrived very quickly - and thanks very much for the good advice too!
  9. hifilover1979

    hifilover1979 Bigger than you...

    Feedback for: simon0918

    Bought my iPhone 4 off me; paid immediately so plus points to him :D
  10. misterc6

    misterc6 Wasted and wounded, it ain’t what the moon did

    Thanks to Mark for great service and an excellent SNAPS + 323 boards,

  11. es.klopfte

    es.klopfte pfm Member

    A big thank-you to Neil Gilbert for his Mdac and for being patient with me. A great PFMer to deal with.
  12. simon0918

    simon0918 pfm Member

    Thanks hifilover, same back to you prompt delivery and phone as described in ad :)
  13. Keith Smith

    Keith Smith Getting older every day.

    Thank GJP (Gary) easy and perfect transaction


    Keith Smith
  14. Neil Gilbert

    Neil Gilbert pfm Member

    It was a pleasure doing business with es.klopfte.
    Kept me well informed throughout.
  15. christray

    christray pfm Member

    Cables sent to migos (mika) in Finland. Smooth transaction ,as in most cases on here.
    Recommended to deal with.
  16. merv

    merv pfm Member

    Thanks cyl1000, it was a pleasure dealing with you, hope you enjoy the UQ
  17. Bracksy

    Bracksy pfm Member

    Thank you deltaunit
    Great item perfect service.
  18. migos

    migos Member

    And thank you to Chris - very nice and communicative person to deal with!

  19. Neil Gilbert

    Neil Gilbert pfm Member

    Collected L100 from Oakwood. Item in great condition.
    A pleasure to deal with.
  20. Oakwood

    Oakwood pfm Member

    Likewise dealing with you Neil.

    Pleasure to meet you this morning.

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