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[THE HEADACHE or what LAMPIZATOR's latest HEAD DAC is ;)? ]

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by mr.gregdee, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. mr.gregdee

    mr.gregdee Trade: G Point Audio


    Well , when Lukasz announced launching Head DAC in his interview for the positive – feedback magazine it caused an whole flood of questions coming to us about what it will be exactly like, regarding circuit, options, compatibility, layout ,look,etc. It caused such a rush in our mailbox so we nick named it already the HEADACHE ! It also doubled number of pages on LampizatOr thread on head-fi Internet forum showing clearly that it was very needed product indeed. The last question I can answer easily. It will be looking like LampizatOr for sure. All those who are following Lukasz’s statements they already know that he doesn’t like unnecessary ” Gucci ” glitter and any other things which would course the final price increase. I can also reveal some secrets about features which people are waiting for to know regarding unit’s versatility , which had not been yet explained clearly on the manufacturer’s webside. SO ;o] to read more go here...

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