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The Home Hifi Show Harrogate 21/22nd

Discussion in 'audio' started by Duvet, Oct 5, 2017.

  1. Duvet

    Duvet Idiot

    Can I ask any Pinkfishmedia members who are thinking of going to the show to just hold fire on buying tickets . We are sorting out a discount for PFM members and are just working on the link to direct you to your own purchasing product for the show on the wigwam site . It will run from Friday till the end of this weekend . Link now sorted and below .

    £12 day ticket https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/store/product/34-pink-fish-media-1-day-discount-ticket/

    £20 Weekend ticket https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/store/product/36-pink-fish-media-2-day-weekend-ticket/

    " G point Audio are proud sponsors of The Home Hifi Show 2017 and we firmly believe this will be one of the greatest shows on the UK calendar. You will find us in the Foxhunter and Bramham suites on the ground floor where we intend to entertain you with spectacular music in a stunning room.

    We have pulled out all the stops for this show.

    We will be presenting the UK debut of the spectacular LampizatOr Pacific DAC, representing the crowning achievement of its world-renowned designer/proprietor Mr Lusasz Fikus. Also present will be the latest-generation of the astounding Golden Gate DAC, the “GG2”, and even more. Lucasz will be present in-person.

    Also present, another of our heroes: Ms Eunice Kron, proprietor of KR Audio, Prague. Our main system will be powered by the astounding Kronzilla VA680 power amplifier. A range of KR tubes will be also available.

    Speakers in our main system will be the sublime hORNS.pl Universum MKIII. We also will present the superb J.Sikora turntable and valve electronics from Thöress, cables from Albedo Silver and Skogrand Cables, plus other major surprises! We look forward to meeting you all there!

    The KR Audio P135 Pre and Kronzilla 680 power amp are UK Exclusives and will be premiered for the first time at a UK show.

    Greg Drygala G Point Audio "

    Also in attendance will be Smyth Research with the Realiser A16 Processor

    This demo will be busy so there is a link below to book your own personal demo of this amazing product .



    More exclusives to follow

    Thank you

  2. whatsnext

    whatsnext Naimless

    Have a bump banner.
  3. Duvet

    Duvet Idiot

    Links now available thanks .
  4. orangeart

    orangeart KJF Audio Ltd.

    Hoping to try and get there on Sunday Danny. Looks like it's going to be a good show. I know all of the other companies I know in the industry who are exhibiting are very much looking forward to it.

  5. Duvet

    Duvet Idiot

    I maybe in the bar ;)
  6. daveofbradford

    daveofbradford Monica I said sack my cook

    Links works fine just payed using Paypal all went smooth. Nice work.
    See you there on the Saturday.
    Kind Regards
  7. Duvet

    Duvet Idiot

    Look out for the headless chicken and say hello :D
  8. davidavdavid

    davidavdavid EARWAG

    Is this show a product of WAM? is HiFi Global a subsidiary business of WAM? It is a bit confusing as to who is actually putting on this show. Clarification please.
  9. thebiglebowski

    thebiglebowski pfm Member

    The WAM is now a shell company used by the evil Whiskas corporation to launder their ill gotten gains from making cat fur slippers for Russian oligarchs and Theresa May.
  10. davidavdavid

    davidavdavid EARWAG

  11. ducatiman

    ducatiman pfm Member

    Wtf ?
  12. Duvet

    Duvet Idiot

    Its very lucrative :D. Hifiglobal is a PR and exhibition company . It is in total control of the Harrogate show . Hifiwigwam is one of our companies .
  13. canonman

    canonman pfm Member

    I went to that London office once but got lost, 11,542 Companies listed there;)

    Don't envy you organising that show!
  14. whatsnext

    whatsnext Naimless

    Perhaps Wam can put on a real WAM.TV (movies, sound etc, not text and stills) of the event so we can kick ourselves over what we missed.

    Bit of a treck Harrogate, Mecca of the North.
  15. gintonic

    gintonic Pussy Lover

    we'll be visiting from York on Saturday, as we have a long weekend in York that weekend
  16. orangeart

    orangeart KJF Audio Ltd.

    Not long before this new show, not heard much internet chatter yet. What is everyone most looking forward to seeing? It's looking like I won't be there after all and I think this will be the first show this year where there are no speakers I built or supplied the drivers for. Mark from Malvern Audio/MingDa might have a pair of Sota speakers with some of the drivers I supply in them although he may have the huge HoRns speakers.

    I'll look forward to piccies etc, it promises to be a good show.

  17. Duvet

    Duvet Idiot

    Stefan though the word of mouth , internet and social media get you so far the focus of this show has been about appealing to a demographic alongside the existing one . This means targeting people who actually live within an easy travelling distance of the show , students, families , kids under the age of 16 . We know that people into hifi will if they want to come and thats not the issue as I said its attracting new blood . To this extent it was very evident with some dealers that I have spoken to that some felt not enough local promotion was done re some of the shows this year . We have spent considerable money with Stray Fm to promote the show . Pre show interview already aired . In the final week there will be free tickets to be won on the breakfast show with Nick Hancock . One thing can be said . No one in Harrogate or the surrounding area cant say they didnt know about it :)
  18. orangeart

    orangeart KJF Audio Ltd.

    That's good. I spend a lot of time in Birmingham and unless I frequented shows and forums a lot I would not have know the recent show was on there.

    I'm sorry not to be able to come, we've spoken a fair bit and as you know was looking forward to it. Things have all moved around though and it just doesn't quite work out. Good job I didn't book a room! :)

    I'm really looking forward to this becoming a fixed point on the calendar though and being there next year either with my own room or helping one of the dealers/distributors I work with.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it. Good luck.

    Bit gutted I'm going to miss the Beolab demos
  19. whatsnext

    whatsnext Naimless

    How are the advanced ticket sales going? Less than a week to go.

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