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The interesting eBay auction thread

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by Tony L, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    It occurred to me that a thread pointing out interesting auctions might be a good idea for a couple of reasons: a) pfm gets paid a little commission for outlinks to eBay, which is nice, and b) it would also provide an option for new pfm members to advertise their eBay listings without contravening our >50 post advertising rule (i.e. there is no scam risk to pfm as no deals are actually occurring here).

    A win / win on the face of it, but lets see how it goes. I'll stickie it if it becomes popular, delete it if I've overlooked any potential problems.
  2. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    I'll kick off the thread with a couple of interesting auctions (I have no connection to either, though if anyone's thinking of what to buy me for Christmas...):

    A beautiful complete Thorens TD-124. A pair of original Tannoy R-GRF.
  3. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

  4. hughjampton

    hughjampton pfm Member

    Hm. Even less chance of getting an eBay bargain then.
  5. smithy

    smithy pfm Member

    As long as I am not bidding for it myself seems a good idea,the only bits I have successfully bid for have been wrongly described or hard to find.I once got a pair of JBL 2431 compression drivers with horns BIN described as cone treble units.
  6. nirvana11

    nirvana11 pfm Member

    Is it OK to ' blow my own trumpet ' ?
    A Roksan DA1 DAC originally cost £500 new in 1992, listed for £50 no reserve here :
    A great value USB only DAC, £40 no reserve :
    Fantastic looking & sounding vintage Sansui amp, 45 notes :
    Great sounding pair of Dynaudio speaker stands :
    - all ending on Sunday evening 18th Nov with no reserve (having a pre-Christmas clearout of goodies)
  7. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Yes, that's absolutely fine - I was just thinking of ways to better monetise pfm in an unobtrusive manner and better integrating eBay into the pfm classifieds room should be a win/win where we all benefit.

    PS If the idea takes off I'll consider bolting a new 'eBay auctions' room inside the classified area that isn't bound by the >50 post rule at all. As it is newbies can post on this thread (they have reply capability, just not the ability to start a thread), but if it's a goer I'll implement it a bit more neatly. Let's run with it for a few days and see what it looks like.
  8. Gerard124

    Gerard124 pfm Member

  9. Groover

    Groover pfm Member

  10. misterc6

    misterc6 Wasted and wounded, it ain’t what the moon did

  11. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    Crackin idea tony!
  12. seoirse2002

    seoirse2002 pfm Member

    :)++1 what a great idea++
  13. Pinky

    Pinky In suspense, not compressed


    How about providing a link to ebay in your opening post? Better to go through this site than through ones usual browser perhaps? ;)
  14. andrewhockley

    andrewhockley pfm Member

  15. starbuck

    starbuck pfm Member

  16. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

  17. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

  18. rooftop104

    rooftop104 Member

    i sold a few things in the classified on here a while back, tried to list a naim cd555 and 555 powersupply but need 50 posts....may take a while lol
  19. rooftop104

    rooftop104 Member

    listed the 552/552ps and 500/500ps on ebay and sold them overnight still some good interest in high end...good to see someone still has some cash to spend !
  20. mindlagoon

    mindlagoon pfm Member

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