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The watch thread: pocket, wrist, sporty, showy? You name it!

Discussion in 'off topic' started by windhoek, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart Avoiding Stress, at Every Opportunity

    I looked into it well before buying, so it’s no great shakes really. Just have to give up erm.... oh.
  2. bazza.

    bazza. pfm Member

    I got my Sub LV serviced last year after 10 years and cost me about £550 from Rolex and wow came back looking like a new watch was well worth it
  3. cjarchez

    cjarchez pfm Member

    That must be a very close relative to my daily Seiko, Kinetic Titanium jobby, very similar indeed.

    Mine conked out a few months ago after, I'm guessing, 15 years of unserviced loyalty.
    A YT video later and a very cheap kit from Lazada, plus a few minutes of my time and it was up and running again, FAB.
    Kit was a new capacitor, clip and insulator, along with an air dust, drop of oil and a new seal. Stupidly forgot to clean the rear of the glass, Oh well, next time....
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  4. -alan-

    -alan- pfm Member

    ^ Delighted to hear that's possible. I bought a Seiko kinetic off eBay fairly cheaply a few years back - and am quite fond if it. Always liked the idea of an auto/self-charging quartz type mechanism - and their 'go to sleep' energy conserving feature is quite a clever mechanism. That's mine below:

    Was always afraid that if the capacitor died, that'd be the end of it.
  5. JensenHealey

    JensenHealey pfm Member

    I think the very original Seiko Kinetics were fitted with a rechargeable (obviously!) battery and only much more recently switched to a capacitor system with supposed much longer life. I have a 1st gen Seiko Kinetic from new, thanks to my wife, and have had it repaired at Seiko I think twice now. Now the components needed are no longer available and so the question is ....do I fit a 'new' capacitor type - but then the watch is no longer 'original'?
  6. -alan-

    -alan- pfm Member

    If it's a straightforward choice between a permanently dead original and a non-original upgraded one (at reasonable cost) I know how I'd vote ..
  7. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    A capacitor is a mass produced item. If you can't get the original, which came from whatever factory before being sold to Seiko, then get an equivalent from a similar, or the same, factory. If you bought a 1930 Rolls Royce and the brakes wore out and spares were no longer sold by RR, would you park it for ever in the garage or would you have new identical spares made by a modern brake manufacturer and use them?
  8. Nero


    That reminds me, I've got an old Seiko Kinetic in the cupboard somewhere. I'll dig it out and see if it still works. I love that sleep mode on yours though - never seen it before :)
    -alan- likes this.
  9. tones

    tones Tones deaf

    A kidney?

    I bought my GMT-Master in 1975 in Geneva. I still have it and wear it regularly. Here in Swizzieland, a service costs a bomb (last one was CHF1300, or ca. £1019), but they do a beautiful job. And then I console myself by looking at the current value of the thing, and instead I find myself wondering whether I should be employing an armed guard for my wrist... For a Daytona, I guess you'll need at least two such guards.
    Tony Lockhart likes this.
  10. JensenHealey

    JensenHealey pfm Member

    I recently inherited an old Breitling Aerospace, solid titanium thing. It was not working too well so sent it off via local Breitling agent to be serviced and repaired. I coughed somewhat at the cost - but it does now look brand new and there is some sentimental value attached. The funny recommendation was that the solid titanium strap was beyond its use-by date and should be changed - another £650 please and Sorry! the new one will not match properly as the old one is no longer available. I declined - it is used as a dress watch so figured the strap will survive. It has a hidden elasticated bit in it - that will wear out eventually.
  11. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart Avoiding Stress, at Every Opportunity

    I’ve seen £800 as a minimum, then whatever they want if repairs and replacements are needed. After watching some YouTube videos on servicing the Daytona, that price looks reasonable.
  12. -alan-

    -alan- pfm Member

    ^ That's what really put me off the mechanical chronometers. I still have an Omega Speedmaster auto that needs a service/repair - but could never muster the motivation to hand it over for a service that could well be worth a very large percentage of the thing's current net worth. Same reason I'd be particularly wary of any s/h mechanical watch these days too alas.
  13. Tony Lockhart

    Tony Lockhart Avoiding Stress, at Every Opportunity

    I looked at plenty of watches before buying a Rolex, and of the makes I could afford, Rolex service costs vs steady but slow increase in value over the years was the most attractive. What I wasn’t expecting was for it to now be insured for over twice what I paid and still climbing. So, at the moment, a service cost might be wiped out by one year’s increase in value. I couldn’t see that happening with many TAGs and Omegas.
  14. Nero


    Found it. Dead as a dodo - if I shake it, the second hand limps round a few ticks. I'll take it out for a walk later, but I presume this means it's a non capacitor version? Can you get kits for these? It's quite a nice watch - very light (titanium) and the face glows impressively in the dark

    [​IMG]seiko by Black Johnny, on Flickr
  15. -alan-

    -alan- pfm Member

    I don't think you could tell from that if it's a capacitor or rechargeable battery version - the way those kinetics work is they have a rotor like mechanical automatics, but instead of winding up a mechanical spring, the rotor powers a small generator which charges up the battery/capacitor.

    Might just be fully discharged ? Plenty of movement to get the rotor to put some charge into it - with the winder out to stop the mechanism if it has a hacking function - might kick start it if you're lucky.

    If it does go (or if you get it going with a capacitor replacement eventually) btw that front bezel could be polished up nicely :)
  16. Nero


    Yes, it is a bit tatty. It was my everyday watch at least 30 years ago, so had quite a few scrapes. Can anyone suggest an up and down wrist motion I can use to get it charged up?
    Rob998 likes this.
  17. -alan-

    -alan- pfm Member

    If you're not actually messing.. :)

    The axle of the rotor rotates around the same point as the centre-pin that the hands are affixed to. Any start-stop movement in the same plane as the face of the watch/rotor will work.

    Look at about the 4:00 mark in here - one way to do it:

    PhilofCas and Tony Lockhart like this.
  18. PhilofCas

    PhilofCas pfm Member

    Mine’s not got a capacitor, they are next level up price wise, I only wanted to spend less than £100, most I’ve ever spent on a watch BTW.
  19. -alan-

    -alan- pfm Member

    Was googling servicing on Submariners there and came across this - they're not just counterfeiting the outsides any more :

    Best case for glass-backs on watches I've seen yet.
    Be careful out there :)
  20. cjarchez

    cjarchez pfm Member

    Fair enough. I have half an eye open for a nice occasional wear watch. I'm not one to spend a fortune on a watch either but will dig a little deeper if I see the one I want. Must haves are date, day is also nice, luminous, automatic is preferable but not essential, sapphire glass, metal strap, maximum 42mm diameter, unfussy and clear face design.

    There have been a few Drop deals that came close but not quite close enough for me to hit the buy button.
    PhilofCas likes this.

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