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Time for prog rockers to come out of the closet

Discussion in 'music' started by louballoo, May 31, 2010.

  1. louballoo

    louballoo Banned

    No, not what you think...........

    What I mean is that it is time for prog rockers to come out of the closet and admit that they are really seeking an alternative to classical music, because in some unfortunately backwards circles classical music isn't considered cool!

    Perhaps we can use this thread to ease the transition to "Classical Acceptance". We know you want to!

    I too was a hard core rocker that would never let his friends know that he was a closet classical fan. Well, until I grew up. Rick Wakeman, bless you.

    Please help me with this by suggesting music in the form of:
    If you like XXXXX why not try YYYY, for example here is my first suggestion:

    If you like: Sigur Rós why not try J.S.Bach's St Matthew Passion - Herreweghe on ArkivMusic

  2. panda

    panda pfm Member

    prog is definitely not cool either! lol
  3. cubastreet

    cubastreet Espresso Fiend

    What ^ said. classical is cooler. clockwork orange. yeah.
  4. prowla

    prowla pfm Member

    Nah. Program is not nessessarily based on classical. They are just different types of music.
  5. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator

    Who ever said Sigur Ros is prog?
  6. Rasher

    Rasher Quadrophenia land

    I think the problem with either Prog or Classical music being uncool is perfectly illustrated above, as in 'avoid the question and pretend you don't understand what is being talked about'.
    Well, I think Louballoo has a good point, and I agree. Sometimes in prog rock (including Sigur Ros, because if they aren't prog, I don't know what they are) you get to some orchestral piece which is just glorious, and I have often wondered if that wasn't an invitation to dip a toe into what lies beneath, but I wouldn't know where to start.
    I would be genuinely interested to hear the answers to the question. I ain't scared. :)
  7. flatpopely

    flatpopely Prog Rock/Moderator


    I was being funny!

    I actually like classical music but my love of prog is a seperate thing. I see parallels in all sorts of music and yes, prog does have classical connections. But I dont like or dislike any kind of music or hide my true thoughts based on wether it's cool or not. That is the preserve of the post Brit pop generation!



    Planets by Holst
    Petrouchka by Stravinsky
    Symphony from the New World by Dvorjak
  8. mudlark

    mudlark nearly half a clue

    tomita and music from Debussy is classic cross over.

    I am a huge fan of Yes and often complain that the warblings of Rick just didn't go on enough. Tales is the best.

    However, I do agree that the stuff is a right load of old bollocks. Mr Anderson's lyrics are generally drivel. I just enjoy singing along and making up my own lyrics as I go along. My air keyboard skills are second to none.
  9. Rasher

    Rasher Quadrophenia land

    Now, there is something I thought I would never hear.
    Okay, I'm getting just a little bit scared now
  10. simonbrown

    simonbrown The Dogfather

    I was classically raised, but most classical music does not grip me in the same way that rock, pop, or even good jazz does. The large number of good vinyls of mozart, beethoven, mahler etc. symphonies that I find in my travels get studiously ignored. Good chamber music, however, and especially 20th century chamber music, well that's another matter, similarly solo piano.
  11. mudlark

    mudlark nearly half a clue

    the problem is that most classical music is very subtle and live it is great, but recorded it is not too good.
  12. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Waiting for the streetcar..

    Classical music.

    Anything post Baroque and Pre 20th century bores me shitless.
  13. dss

    dss Musical Bons

    But will the classicists welcome the proggers is it?

    I say leave them all to it, they don't harm anyone but themselves.

    btw, I don't like prog thankyou for asking.

  14. louballoo

    louballoo Banned

    Simon, please recommend some 20th century chamber music!

  15. Kevin11

    Kevin11 pfm Member

    I have been a progressive rock listener for the last 4 years but sometimes i need something different...i do love live classical concerts..but no more than that.
  16. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    Well there's a lot to go at in 20th Century Chamber Music. Try some of these, Bartok String Quartets, Britten String Quartets, Schoenberg Verklarte Nicht, these are all on the more approachable side of the century. On the other hand there are pieces like the Webern and Schoenberg String Quartets, they're very different, and are largely based on a notion that one note cannot be more important than any other or serialism. (I think the 1st Webern might not be but the others are.)

    Try Bartok and Stravinsky Piano Music, this CD could be a really good starter:

    It's got a lot of key 20th century pieces on it, albeit Petrushka is in a piano arrangement. It's very impressive though.

    If you want some other ideas after doing some listening let me know.
  17. Eric L

    Eric L pfm Member

    As much as I love the Bartok Quartets, I would not say they are on the more approachable side, except maybe the first two. I'd say his Q.s are actually tougher going than Webern's, for most people.

    Here are my suggestions:

    If you like Sigur Ros, you might like Arvo Part or Henryk Gorecki, and some Dimitri Shostakovich (chamber music).

    If you like Yes, you might like Alfred Schnittke and some Shostakovich (later symphonies).

    If you like King Crimson or VdG Generator, you might like Gyoyrgy Ligeti or Paul Hindemith or Yannis Xenakis (slightly reaching with this last one -- think "Moonchild").

    If you like Genesis or ELO, I can't help you. :)

    I can be more specific with some work titles if anyone wants them.

    Edit: Ooh, forgot Krzysztof Penderecki, who would probably go best with "If you like King Crimson...".

    As my choices indicate, I think the 20th C. E. European and Russian composers are closest to prog.
  18. Theo

    Theo pfm Member

    For Genesis, see Rachmaninov, Suite No.1 for 2 pianos, Op 5. You can bet that Tony Banks spent a LOT of time listening to it. Lots of Chopin influences too, and Vaughan Williams.
  19. ian r

    ian r 401's Nakman

    Zappa is not prog rock apart from being more progressive than most. Some of his work feels like Chamber music to me and of course he rated Edgar Varese highly and Musique Concrete

    Poisonally I'd rather just listen to Side 1 of Burnt Weeny Sandwich or the Hot Rats albums.

    Prog rock - did that Include Wishbone Ash they had proggy covers as I recall.

    I liked early early Yes more than late, their 1st album wasnt prog.

    I had both of High Tides albums but they were a bit psychedelic and dark as well ...... mercifully I think I avoided most of the rest.

    BUT Zappa is something else ... a composer I suppose
  20. simonbrown

    simonbrown The Dogfather

    Try Reich or Adams if you like the swirly multi layered stuff.

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