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[FS] Trafomatic, Red Wine Audio etc

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by roy, Oct 13, 2019.

  1. roy

    roy pfm Member

    My friend and I, members of the frequent, box-swapping fraternity, are having a further clear out of kit. I have limited IT skills, but I can send photographs to anyone PM’ing me their email address.
    1. Trafomatic Experience Two Integrated Valve Amplifier- 8 wpc of single-ended triode power from a pair of JJ Tesla 300B valves. Super sound and build quality. I have heard it driving Living Voice, Heco and Graham Audio Speakers in a medium size room with no difficulty. Mint condition. It comes with a double box and individual valve boxes. £1100.
    2. Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2 LFPV Integrated Amplifier- 30 wpc, which can be run from a battery supply or from the mains. Digital volume control. JJ Tesla E83CC valve in the input stage. I have tube rolled and inserted a vintage Amperex Bugle Boy for improved sound. Mint condition. Really nice build and sound quality. Comes with battery charger, remote control, manual and box. £850.
    3. Musical Surroundings Phonomena Phono Stage. MM and MC inputs. There are six load impedances and four gain settings, which means that there are over 2000 set-up permutations. Substantial Linear power supply included, which makes a mockery of the normal wall wart supply. Rave reviews in Stereophile, Absolute Sound and Stereo Times. About $1400 in USA.
    Nice sound quality. Mint condition. £330.
    4. Chord Clearway Analogue Interconnects. 1m pair. Brand new and sealed in an unopened box. Cost new £100. Well reviewed in HiFi World and What HiFi. Unwanted gift. £55.
    5. A 6m pair of single wired speaker cables. There is no brand name on the cable and the supplying dealer cannot remember! The sound quality is on a par with cable at around £10 per metre. Mint condition. £20.
    Demo, tea/coffee, cash/bank transfer and collection preferred. I am happy to send all items by insured courier if necessary.
    Many Thanks
  2. lawrence001

    lawrence001 pfm Member

  3. eastone

    eastone pfm Member

    I bet that RWA integrated sounds good. Rare too!
  4. roy

    roy pfm Member

    I am reliably informed that the Trafomatic is a Mk 1 version. Photographs of all the kit are on an auction site and other websites.
  5. roy

    roy pfm Member

    The two sets of cables are sold. The Trafomatic, Red Wine Audio and Musical Surroundings amps are still available. On further inspection, the MS amp is in VGC 8/10, not mint.
  6. roy

    roy pfm Member

    Trafomatic now £1050.
    Red Wine Audio now £800.
    Musical Surroundings now £300.
  7. jamington2004

    jamington2004 pfm Member

    Used to have the phono stage - really nice well built unit
    If I remember rightly it’s battery operated so you can unplug from the wall and use the rechargeable battery inside?
  8. roy

    roy pfm Member

    The Trafomatic has been removed from sale.
    The Red Wine Audio and Musical Surroundings are still available.
  9. roy

    roy pfm Member

    New Years Day bump and last reduction.
    Red Wine Audio - £750
    Musical Surroundings - £275.
  10. roy

    roy pfm Member

    Forgot to mention - possible part exchange for SET / valve integrated amp considered.
  11. roy

    roy pfm Member

    I have removed the Bugle Boy valve from the Red Wine Audio amp, with the intention of selling it separately. I have replaced it with a JJ Tesla E83CC, which sounds really good.
  12. wadenits

    wadenits New Member

    PM Sent
  13. roy

    roy pfm Member

    The RWA amp is now sold - thanks, Wade.
    The phono stage is still available.

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