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TRON Convergence Range and UK Prices

Discussion in 'trade announcements' started by G T Audio, Feb 4, 2019.

  1. G T Audio

    G T Audio Trade: Distributor and Manufacturer

    Launched a couple of years ago the TRON Convergence phono stage has been joined by a "Signature" version which has selected parts fitted for even better sound. A matching Preamplifier has also been developed and this is now available together with a 50-watt Stereo amplifier, plus a pair of 50-watt mono amplifiers. For the dedicated vinyl enthusiasts out there TRON has also produced a dedicated Mono phono stage and this works extremely well with the Miyajima Labs Mono cartridges.

    Convergence Phono Stage


    Tron Convergence Pre-amplifier


    Tron Convergence 50-watt Stereo Amplifier


    Tron Convergence 50-watt Mono Amplifiers

    UK Prices:
    TRON Convergence MM Phono Stage - £1000
    TRON Convergence MC Phono Stage - £1300
    TRON Convergence "Signature" MM Phono Stage - £1300
    TRON Convergence "Signature" MC Phono Stage - £1500
    TRON Convergence Mono Phono Stage - from £1000

    TRON Convergence Pre-Amplifier - £2250
    TRON Convergence Headphone Amplifier - £2000
    TRON Convergence 50-watt Stereo Power Amplifier - £2000
    TRON Convergence 50-watt Mono amplifiers (pair) - £3000
    TRON Convergence DAC - T.B.A.

    For further information about the Convergence range please see the TRON website or alternatively contact Graham on the following:
    Tel: 01895 833099
    email: graham@tron-electric.co.uk

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