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Trump Part 16

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Yank, Jan 5, 2019.

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  1. Joe P

    Joe P certified Buffologist / mod


  2. Joe P

    Joe P certified Buffologist / mod


    I'd also like to include an AUP requirement that all posts contain some jive talk.

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  3. Yank

    Yank Bulbous Also Tapered

    And one step closer to becoming an Autocrat.
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  4. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Waiting for the streetcar..

    I agree wid ya'. Man. Right On! It's some baaaad idea, fo' sho' nuff. What it is, Mama. Right On!

  5. Joe P

    Joe P certified Buffologist / mod



  6. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Someone needs to forcibly remind Trump, that he is POTUS in a Democracy. Therefore he is the figurehead. He is not and cannot be a Dictator. If he needs to be told this, he is not fit for office. Please God will somebody use whatever method is necessary and effective to put this twat back in his box..
  7. kendo

    kendo Prussian bot

    Mah main man! :)
  8. Stunsworth

    Stunsworth pfm Member

    But he isn’t just a figurehead, he’s a head of state with considerable powers. His problem is that can’t recognise where those powers end as he’s used to being the dictatorial head of a private company - if it were a public company he’d have been sacked decades ago.

    It was interesting the other day when he said he preferred dealing with the Chinese government to dealing with the Democrats. As you say he’s an authoritarian/dictator at heart.
  9. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Well yes you are right. I was a little 'tired' when I wrote my post. I would however suggest that Trump's inability to grasp the limits of his power, is more our problem than his. Bigly...
  10. richgilb

    richgilb Admonishtrator

  11. tones

    tones Tones deaf

    A rather good set of parodies:

  12. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

  13. Craig B

    Craig B Re:trophile

  14. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

  15. PsB

    PsB Citizen of Nowhere™

    Truly amazing developments. The Trumpster, twittering away as usual. Perfectly surreal.
    I'm out of popcorn.
  16. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    A president that likes a lot of privacy while talking to the leader of a major adversary-


    “President Trump has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, including on at least one occasion taking possession of the notes of his own interpreter and instructing the linguist not to discuss what had transpired with other administration officials, current and former U.S. officials said”.

    “The constraints that Trump imposed are part of a broader pattern by the president of shielding his communications with Putin from public scrutiny and preventing even high-ranking officials in his own administration from fully knowing what he has told one of the United States’ main adversaries”.

    As a result, U.S. officials said there is no detailed record, even in classified files, of Trump’s face-to-face interactions with the Russian leader at five locations over the past two years. Such a gap would be unusual in any presidency, let alone one that Russia sought to install through what U.S. intelligence agencies have described as an unprecedented campaign of election interference.
  17. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr pfm Member

    Do they still have the death penalty for treason in the US?
  18. kendo

    kendo Prussian bot

    Only for sentient beings, making Trump untouchable.
  19. Sue Pertwee-Tyr

    Sue Pertwee-Tyr pfm Member

    Ah, but if not sentient then he can either be legally euthenased for the benefit of the community, as a dangerous dog would be, or hunted until extinct.
  20. Nick_G

    Nick_G pfm Member

    As this clearly makes Trump a security risk, would that not be grounds enough for removing him from office?
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