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Tuners\Tape Deck\Power Amps\DVD - some free\couple of beers....

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by snowflake, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. snowflake

    snowflake Former Albino Ape

    So for the free stuff I will a couple of pints (Guinness currently 3.15 at my local....)

    Just in time for FM switch off Tuners:

    Denon TU260LII - all tickety boo definitely a runner- free/couple of beers
    Nad 402 - not been used in years, but was a runner last time I fired it up - free/couple of beers

    Tape deck, knock out some mix tapes for a bird\bloke you fancy, to be later crushed when they tell you they just want to be friends:

    Denon DR171 - Assume it works, but has been sat in a cupboard for long time, and I have no means of testing it, comes with 6 sealed tapes, again free/couple of beers

    This one really breaks my heart:

    Meridian 596 paper weight, stunning condition, one minor fault, it wont read discs, other than that its fabulous. Been in touch with the after market Meridian man, (as the manufacturers no longer support this series - ta, money well spent....), and he cannot be arsed to tackle these nowadays, as the proprietary transports are neigh on impossible to find, and bad men are selling shot\used ones as new. However he did say that [mebees] the transport could be repaired, i.e. swap out the optical block, but he did say this was something he could not do for a customer as it was not financially viable for either party, but I know there are some handy people out there - so this is also free/couple of beers.

    Now the money bit, two Cyrus APA7 amps, which mysteriously seem to be airbrushed from their history, they are in smooth black, bought new by me from Lintone in Gateshead, boxed with manuals. Great amps, but got talking to a good salesman recently, ho hum, so these are available, £500 for the pair.

    The bad news is its all pick up only, I live in the North East. Drop me a PM or start a conversation or whatever it is in these modern times.



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