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USB isolation devices

Discussion in 'trade discussion' started by Ciunas Audio, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Ciunas Audio

    Ciunas Audio Trade: Ciunas Audio

    A new range of USB isolation devices released by Ciúnas Audio

    USB isolation & reclocking powered by ultra low noise & ultra stable battery power supply, essential for optimal signal integrity.

    Products include:
    ISO-HUB - a new device which offers 1 USB 3.0 input & 4 isolated/reclocked high speed USB 2 outputs.
    ISO-SPDIF - A world first - an isolated USB SPDIF converter. The Ciúnas USB SPDIF converter is integrated with the ISO-HUB technology providing a USB signal with optimal signal integrity to the USB/SPDIF converter
    ISO-DAC - A world first - isolated USB DAC. The Ciúnas DAC again with integrated ISO-HUB providing an isolated & reclocked USB signal, internally, to the USB DAC

    All the above devices are powered by user replaceable battery power from internal or external battery source
    ISO-PS - an external battery power supply supplying isolated multiple voltage outputs can be used for powering other audio devices such as microrendu, etc.

    Details & prices on website

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