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Valve Friendly Vintage 1969 Wharfedale Super 10 GOLD EDITION Speakers - WILL NOT SPLIT!!!

Discussion in 'charity' started by GruntPuppy, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    Yours, for a donation to be split between PFM and Arthritis Research - a pair of full range speakers. This is the blurb from eBay, where I did have them listed:

    Wharfedale Super 10 Gold Edition drivers - these appear to be the later model with "Whizzer Cones". The speakers appear to have been put together in 1969, and the chocolate brown (!) paintwork has suffered accordingly. The grilles are less than wonderful, but the hardboard is sound, and would look lovely if recovered.

    The cabinets are truly rough diamonds. A lot of home-made speakers ended up in chipboard, which is... OK. It works. These appear to have been made in furniture-grade BLOCKBOARD (which is worth a google in itself - basically, blocks of wood are sandwiched between two layers of thin wood sheet). They've certainly been WELL put together. With a little work, these speakers would look as good as they sound. The dimensions are 30" high, 18" wide, 10" deep. They appear to have been modelled on the design published by Wharfedale themselves, a link to a brochure showing this can be found here:


    The design appears to be the R2 on page 3, with dimensional variance to allow for the board thickness.

    The drivers themselves are in fine working order. I went to hear these, and was blown away by how well they image. I was going to strip the cabs, refinish and pair this up with my little valve amp (in another listing) for a valvey-retro system. Unfortunately, it never happened due to time and health constraints.

    OK, so that's the blurb. The other essential information is: 1) I'm in Cardiff. 2) We've got a BIG FRIENDLY PUPPY - but can work around him. 3) I'M NOT SPLITTING THE DRIVERS OUT OF THE CABINETS. If I wouldn't do it for the ebay shark that offered £100, you've got no hope. 4) Collection from Cardiff - Grangetown.

    eastone and narabdela like this.
  2. Colonel_Mad

    Colonel_Mad pfm Member

    How do you know what year they were built?

    Good luck with the sale!
  3. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    you are kidding, right? driver age, and the "artist's" date on the cab front under the grille :)
    calorgas likes this.
  4. calorgas

    calorgas Ratty bumpkin

    I'd have grabbed these if only I had room for them in a 2nd system. Bet they'd sound sweet with a little el84 amp.

    Same age as me too!
  5. GruntPuppy

    GruntPuppy pfm Member

    And me. You know you want to.... they sound amazing. They deserve NOT to be ripped apart.

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