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Various 180g lp's (etc!)

Discussion in 'music classifieds' started by kimmiles, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. kimmiles

    kimmiles pfm Member

    Due to replacing the following with either more expensive and/or 45rpm versions, the following lp's are for sale:

    Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms 180g Back to Black pressing, played once SOLD
    Ricki Lee Jones: 1st album 180g pressing, played a couple of times, £13
    McLaughlin/di Meola/de Lucia: Passion, Grace & Fire, Dutch Phonogram (normal!) pressing, £8
    Joni Mitchell: Wild Thing run fast, original Geffen pressing, great cond. (cost me £20!), £12?
    Roxy Music: Avalon, original EG pressing, conservatively vg+/vg+, £10

    Deal to be had for all; depending, might incl p&p
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2018
  2. myles

    myles Intentionally left blank

    Brothers in Arms - is that the 2LP 45rpm? If so, I'll take it please
  3. kimmiles

    kimmiles pfm Member

    Sorry; it's the single lp version. The 2-disc 45rpm version is what I have replaced it with - and that cost me £70!
  4. myles

    myles Intentionally left blank

    Thought as much! I should be so lucky....

    What year is the release? I'm still interested.
  5. kimmiles

    kimmiles pfm Member

    Can't find a date other than the original 1985; I bought it last year - it's still in it's shrink wrap! Proper liner added, naturally!!!
    Sorry that I can't be more help!
  6. Dandy

    Dandy pfm Member

    Interested in
    Ricki Lee Jones: 1st album 180g pressing
    Joni Mitchell: Wild Thing run fast, original Geffen pressing
    PM sent
  7. scotty38

    scotty38 Active Member

    If it hasn't gone or wanted by earlier posters I'll take the Dire Straits please.
  8. kimmiles

    kimmiles pfm Member

    It's yours!
  9. scotty38

    scotty38 Active Member

    Great stuff thanks, please pm me with how you want to proceed...
  10. scotty38

    scotty38 Active Member

    Arrived today, many thanks!

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