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[IC] Well Tempered, Dynavector, Shahinian system.

Discussion in 'classifieds' started by roy, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. roy

    roy pfm Member

    After painstakingly putting together my well balanced vinyl system, I fear that I am going to have to sell or split it. I need to raise funds for private health care for my family and hi-fi is not my priority currently.
    I have listed my Well Tempered Simplex Mk 1 / Dynavector 10X5 combination separately.
    My other kit consists of :-
    Dynavector L200 Mk 1 preamp
    Dynavector HX75 power amp
    Dynavector P75 Mk 4 phono stage - mm and mc input
    Shahinian Obelisk Mk 1 speakers in cherry
    All of the kit is in mint or vgc and perfect working order. Demonstration in Gloucestershire is possible, or we could meet up or I will send kit by insured courier.
    Prices - looking for £1100 for Simplex, £1250 with 10X5. £600 for L200. £750 for HX75. £1650 for Obelisks. £600 for P75 as it is only a few months old.
    Please PM me with any interest. I can send photographs if you can supply your email details.
    Many Thanks.
  2. ralphj

    ralphj pfm Member

    pm sent re P75

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