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What are you listening to right now # 41

Discussion in 'music' started by gct, Oct 6, 2013.

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  1. Doogal

    Doogal pfm Member

    Tom Waits - Closing Time
  2. sadcafe

    sadcafe pfm Member

    Pulled up my playlist that combines Lou Reed, Ian Hunter and Bowie across the decades. A singular point of reference in Mick Ronson but the departure points post 1974 work well on shuffle. 41 Ian hunter tracks, 36 Bowie and 32 Lou Reed. Guess Hunter wins surprisingly but all great stuff.
  3. palasr

    palasr >>>...<<<

    Gary Numan - Splinter: Songs From a Broken Mind (double LP). Color me impressed.
  4. paullewis323

    paullewis323 Active Member

    Ray Lamontagne -
  5. brad666

    brad666 pfm Member

    Boy & Bear - Harlequin Dream
  6. Doogal

    Doogal pfm Member

    Miles Davis 'Kind of Blue' - 2013 remaster, 24bit/192kHz. Sounding Great!
  7. AdamWysokinski

    AdamWysokinski Mmm... music...

  8. darkstarcrashes

    darkstarcrashes Active Member

    Grateful Dead 'Dave's Pick vol 8 - Fox Theater Atlanta GA 11/30/1980' Just picked it up having had to shell out an extra £11 in customs and handling charges because it nudged over the £15 threshold. Grrr.
  9. kasperhauser

    kasperhauser pfm Member

    Perpetuum Mobile by Mariani

    Featuring Eric Johnson on guitar.

    Released in 1970.

    Recorded when Eric was 15.

  10. darrenyeats

    darrenyeats pfm Member

    Am enjoying this ATM, especially first track, ta.
  11. billo

    billo pfm Member

    The re mastered "Aja" by Steely Dan
    Next up is "The Royal Scam" both came through the letter box this day, though I can still remember vividly bringing home the original vinyl of "scam" all those years ago when it was first released
  12. HiFi Lounge

    HiFi Lounge Trade: HiFi Lounge

    Nitin Sawhney - One-Zero Vinyl Boxset

    It wasn't cheap but it is definitely one of the best vinyl purchases I have ever made, it was recorded at Metropolis using PMC and Bryston and cut straight to vinyl, first time since 1973 or something, sounds sublime :)
  13. Doogal

    Doogal pfm Member

    Joni Mitchell - 'Hejira' 24bit/192kHz remaster. Probably my favourite Joni Album.
  14. Mescalito

    Mescalito pfm Member

    Any good? I have it on order.

  15. darrenyeats

    darrenyeats pfm Member


    Neil Young - Prairie Wind (Spotify)
    Nigel Shaw - The River.
  16. darkstarcrashes

    darkstarcrashes Active Member

    For 1980s Dead it's not bad at all, stand out tracks for me are Feel Like A Stranger, Scarlet>Fire, and Playing>Drums>Space>etc.

    Have to say my preferred era is 68 to 74 and I only got this as part of the 2013 annual subscription to the DP series.

  17. Mescalito

    Mescalito pfm Member

    I like the '65-67 stuff as well. I still maintain that the version of "I know You Rider" on Vintage Dead (recorded 1966) is the killer version.

    Just as an aside, I really didn't realise just how much Dead I had accrued over the years until I ripped them all to flac & shoved them on my NAS. 512 CDs!!!

    Ace moniker, BTW.

    I think I'll change mine to either Stagger Lee or Cosmic Charlie.:)


  18. darkstarcrashes

    darkstarcrashes Active Member

    Or Mexicali? Not such a stretch from Mescalito :)

    I was planning to use Aoxomoxoa but that's already taken :(
  19. merlin

    merlin Avatar changed - Town names deemed offensive.

    Flaming Lips - Yoshimi.

    The DVD-A rip with the additional tracks.

    Bizarrely wonderful. By far the best I have ever heard this and also the most enjoyable.
  20. Andy A

    Andy A pfm Member

    Ry Cooder "Pull up some dust and sit down"

    Only got his recent stuff so need to delve into his back catlogue this ones quite political.
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