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What are you listening to right now # 45

Discussion in 'music' started by darrenyeats, Aug 14, 2014.

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  1. guey

    guey pfm Member

    And next:

    James "Blood" Ulmer - Are You Glad To Be In America
    Blur - Music Is My Radar
    The Creatures - Standing There
    XTC - Travels In Nihilon
    Public Image - Public Image
    Siouxsie & The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
    The Ruts - Babylon's Burning
    The Au Pairs - Headache (For Michelle)
    Scritti Politti - The "Sweetest Girl"
    The Eurythmics - Paint A Rumour
    League Unlimited Orchestra - Things That Dreams Are Made Of
    Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria (12" Mix)

    YNWOAN 100% Analogue

    Peter Hammill - all that might have been
    Portishead - roseland nyc live
    Keaton Henson - Dear
  3. guey

    guey pfm Member

    Last chunk before I hand over to 'im indoors for his bit:

    Paul Haig - The Only Truth (12" Mix)
    New Order - The Perfect Kiss (12" Mix)
    Bomb The Bass - Moody
    Liquid Liquid - Optimo (Optimo Mix)
    Mirwais - Disco science
    Depth Charge - Blue Lipps
    Renegade Soundwave - Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Mix)
    Meat Beat Manifesto - Helter Skelter
    Spring Heel Jack - Regal Talkies
    D*Note - Kite Hill
  4. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Now at home

    Mikis Theodorakis and Arja Saijonmaa

    an untitled LP I picked up secondhand end of Oct in Helsinki - strange but fun mix of Greek instrumentation and Finnish "iskelmä" singing.

    Before that with Conrad Mas (at the local dealer's) we were listening to LPs by XX, Massive Attack, Jeff Buckley, Woodkid... while comparing three TTs from his range, a most interesting one to one den!
  5. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun pfm Member

    The Velvet Underground – Foggy Notion (original 1969 mix)
  6. jackbarron

    jackbarron Chelsea, London

    Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Live At The El Mocambo 1983.

    His covers of Voodo Chile (Slight Return) and Little Wing are excellent.

  7. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    LPs (Chisu - Vapaa ja yksin, don't ask... have a listen on youtube, try "Sabotage" and "Frankenstein")
    and youtube (Jane Weaver)

    Moved on to Barclay James Harvest - Time Honoured Ghosts (brings back memories, we saw them twice in concert when we were a lot younger)
  8. rbrown

    rbrown I think therefore I think I am

    Currently checking out Patricia Barber on Spotify. Just heard Cafe Blue and am about halfway through Modern Cool.

    Classy, sultry and cool and perfect late night listening. I'm going to have to get my wallet out.

  9. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    LP Lily & Madeleine - untitled
  10. Mark Pope

    Mark Pope Senior Moment

    Laura Mvula - Sing To The Moon
  11. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    First Aid Kit - The Big Black & The Blue

    The other album I bought yesterday - definitely a good buy!
  12. CJBenno

    CJBenno pfm Member

    Bauhaus - Crackle
    David Bowie - Scary Monsters
  13. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Barclay James Harvest - Gone to Earth

    It needed a clean so it got a spin too
  14. merlin

    merlin Avatar changed - Town names deemed offensive.

    Pet Sounds. DVD- Audio Rip.

    It took me the best part of fifty years to appreciate just what a work of genius this was.
  15. formbypc

    formbypc pfm Member

    Pink Floyd - DSotM, Immersion Edition, the Wembley concert
  16. lrt1367

    lrt1367 pfm Member

  17. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Genesis - Selling England by the Pound (LP from way back when) and for once I think the CD (remastered version) actually sounds better but Sundays I mostly use vinyl...

    BLACKMASS pfm Member

    Lloyd Cole & The Commotions 'Mainstream'
    Richard Ashcroft 'Alone With Everybody'
  19. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    Pulp - Different Class. :)
  20. uncl_nigel

    uncl_nigel pfm Member

    Battlefield Band - Anthem for the Common Man

    and now
    Madonna - Confessions... LP
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