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What are you listening to right now? #48

Discussion in 'music' started by alan967tiger, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    Edie Brickell - Ghost of a Dog
  2. Seeker_UK

    Seeker_UK Waiting for the streetcar..

    Roedelius - Selbstportrait II

    Of all of the music I have heard this is the CD I can live without least. Just Roedelius and a Farfisa organ in is studio in Furst - there's just something magical about it.

    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 21, 2018
  3. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    Hootie and the Blowfish - Cracked Rear View
  4. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Keep Music Vile

  5. billo

    billo pfm Member

    Back to vinyl and back to the '80's
    John Martyn 'Grace and Danger' a much better divorce and remorse album than 'Face Value' :)
    Robert Palmer 'Clues' I got a CD of retrospective Palmer stuff and it sounded soo tinny that I gave it back to the charity shop, the vinyl has such 1980's attack and synths

    Laraaji 'Days of Radiance' Still great after all these years

    I'm going to spend more time with the turntable.
  6. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    Journey - Escape. (Guilty pleasure!)
  7. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    Elvis Costello - Spike
  8. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Radiohead - the bends (CD)
  9. Ponty

    Ponty pfm Member

    Sting - the dream of the blue turtles (vinyl)
  10. clifftaylor

    clifftaylor Probably retired!

    Wayne shorter, Adam's Apple. (the medium isn't important, as the music is fantastic)
  11. formbypc

    formbypc pfm Member

    Joe Sample - Rainbow Seeker
  12. windhoek

    windhoek The Phoolosopher

    Steely Dan - Gaucho in 5.1 (albeit 4.0 as per my speaker setup) and it rocks!
  13. formbypc

    formbypc pfm Member

    Mr. Big - Raw Like Sushi Vol 2
  14. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    George Michael - Listen without Prejudice vol 1
  15. onthefly

    onthefly pfm Member

    London Grammar.
  16. scolarest

    scolarest pfm Member

    Brandon Flowers "The Desired Effect"
  17. guey

    guey pfm Member

    Talking Heads - Naked
  18. irons1965

    irons1965 pfm Member

  19. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
  20. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    R.E.M. - Automatic for the People
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