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What are you listening to right now #54

Discussion in 'music' started by robs, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. mikechadwick

    mikechadwick pfm Member

    Wes Montgomery - The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery SACD Rip
  2. Aethelist

    Aethelist pfm Member

    Women. In Rock and Roll.

    Simply Vinyl 180gm reissue. Sounds good to me. (original Arista copy completely worn out)

  3. Seanm

    Seanm pfm Member

  4. Aethelist

    Aethelist pfm Member

    Quite possibly. The greatest Bass Line ever written.

    This aint really life...aint really life..

    Gaycha and Peter McDermott like this.
  5. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    UB40 - Signing Off. Vinyl
  6. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    Joy Division - Still. Original pressing

    Still chuffed to bits with this, I bought it cheap long before I had a RCM and it arrived covered in mould so there was no way it was going anywhere near the turntable. It was the first record I cleaned on the RCM and it came up like new and sounds awesome!
    Big Tabs likes this.
  7. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    Ex:Re - Ex:Re. Vinyl
  8. graystoke4

    graystoke4 pfm Member

    KISS alive II, still sound fresh, and Beth is great , reminds me of a ex,, of, her name was beth,
    back in the day about 1976,i had a poster of Kiss live on stage when i started work in my work bay with Gene Simmons drooling blood, everyone else had page Three knockers G-string girls etc after a week i was asked to take my poster down, :(
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
  9. poco a poco

    poco a poco pfm Member

    The Horace Silver Quintet - 'Song for My Father'. DeAgostini Jazz 33-1/3 vinyl reissue.
  10. poco a poco

    poco a poco pfm Member

    Chick Corea - 'Now He Sings, Now He Sobs'. Tone Poet Vinyl reissue. The more I play the first two realeases in the Tone Poet reissue series the more I think they are probably just about the best mastering and pressings I have heard. Without moving to a R2R master tape copy its hard to see (hear) things getting much better than this.

    Ho and the music is great as well of course.
  11. notaclue

    notaclue pfm Member

    Groovy from 1982. I'm hearing Sigue Sigue Sputnik in that opening keyboard riff. o_O

  12. guey

    guey pfm Member

    Rustin Man - Drift Code
  13. pickwickpapers

    pickwickpapers pfm Member

    fairport convention '9'

    remastered cd - now my setup allows me to listen to remasters (ok, bit of sweeping generalisation) enjoyably.
    trevor lucas / jerry donahue days - but really a wonderful album now I listen to it properly - one of my favourites of theirs I think.
  14. Alex N

    Alex N pfm Member

  15. guey

    guey pfm Member

  16. Spenagio

    Spenagio pfm Member

    Kate Bush - Sensual World Remaster 180g vinyl.
    Big Tabs likes this.
  17. Alex N

    Alex N pfm Member

    Yeah, great track. Hard to believe it's almost twenty years old.
  18. Alex N

    Alex N pfm Member

    Marie Davidson - Working Class Woman (Instrumentals)
  19. formbypc

    formbypc pfm Member

    Lone Star - BBC Sight & Sound from 1977, rebroadcast last night on 6Music's Live Hour.
  20. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs hearing problems

    I have never heard this before. My understanding is that this man was in Soft Machine and Gong. ( I have some other Gong and Soft Machine records to listen to, but this is the first L.P. I have cleaned up of a big batch of donated prog rock, maybe coming at it from the wrong angle?) I am enjoying the sound, it is refreshing.

    Deavid Allen* ‎– Banana Moon
    BYG Records ‎– 529 345
    Actuel – 45
    Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue

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