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What concert have you last been to #3

Discussion in 'music' started by Rasher, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Gomers1607

    Gomers1607 pfm Member

    Steve Mason in Manchester last weekend, played loads of stuff off 'About the Light'. Him and his band were Incredible and I managed to get a bonus selfie with Mani from Stone Roses too !
  2. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Superbly entertaining short set of opera arias at the Bridgewater Hall yesterday put on by the amazingly talented post grads at the RNCM.
  3. bigjonny

    bigjonny Active Member

    Laura Veirs last night, just her and her guitar, very good.
  4. Its been a bit gigtastic this week

    The Residents at Union Chapel on Monday...6 miles to the graveyard still rumbling around my head...absolute delight to see live.

    Beak at Islington Town Hall (?)...very good but somewhat overshadowed by the insane French support act whose name I still don't know but once seen never forgotten !
  5. Vince Parkin

    Vince Parkin Active Member

    Deacon Blue a while ago now but seen them a few times and fabulous every time. Really takes you back to your youth as they sound as fresh as they did in their hay day. Hope to see them again.
  6. Vince Parkin

    Vince Parkin Active Member

    Went to Neil Diamond at the Arena at Newcastle. Where we sitting had a huge speaker above us and we could hardly hear him because of the bass. My Missus gave me a piece of tissue to put in my left ear.....it was that bad. Walked away from where I was sitting and he sounded great. I will not be going back to that place.....the acoustics are dire in my opinion. Unless Elvis decides to come back and perform there I will stay away
  7. Sich

    Sich pfm Member

    Beak> Manchester - great gig and banter, crowd was a bit flat - tracks from the last album were great.
  8. guey

    guey pfm Member

    Lindstrom, supported by DJ sets from Bjorn Torske and Isolde at EartH in Hackney.
    A good night elevated into a great one by being there with a big bunch of mates.
    First time at the venue for me - decent sound system, not rammed (despite being sold out), and friendly, helpful security.
  9. happy_chappie

    happy_chappie Active Member

    Went to see Inglorious at the Academy in Manchester last week. Not all that impressed with them to be honest, but really enjoyed support band City of Thieves.

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