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What concert have you last been to #3

Discussion in 'music' started by Rasher, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. RoyleBlue

    RoyleBlue pfm Member

    Biffs Clyro in Scarborough - a pre IOW warm-up - great live band, although did shed a tear when they play Machines!
  2. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    Skepta, and Death Grips @ Field Day were great. Mode Selector were excellent.

    This Thursday King Crimson @ RAH
  3. guey

    guey pfm Member

    The B-52's last night at Hammersmith - I came out with a massive smile on my face.
  4. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    Roger Waters last tour, big gig in a park in London, must be coming up on a year ago now, after seeing him three times before on the Wall tour, Darkside Annv tour and the In the flesh tour I decided to buy my wife and I 'Gold' tickets. What a total rip off, you had to buy any beer or water within, yeah, he's up there singing about capitalism and greed, big man, pig man, pig stain on your fat chin, indeed.
    Waters was his usual self, good performance, his new band however, what an utter disappointment in every way, in the previous gigs his band was fantastic with three excellent backing singers, great guitarists like Snowy White, Andy Fairweatherlow, Lloyd Brammel and the guys on the keyboards and a totally awesome drummer. His new band sounded like an average cover band.
    Then to top it all there was all the political messages, like Don't put plastic in our oceans, (I'm in total agreement about plastic) when the gig was over we walked over what I only can describe as a sea of plastic.
    The hypocrisy of the political messages versus the reality really got to me.
    I think this was probably my last concert , certainly my last big one, the prices have got extortionate.
  5. bor

    bor queue jumper

    Midnight Oil 02.07.2019 Munich

    I like Midnight Oil. Not a superfan, but we are on the same page politically, but I thought the chance to see them live was probably gone.

    They played here last night, a pummelling two hour set for these sextegenarians, but they really delivered.

    Peter Garrett remains one of those enigmatic performers who can keep your attention for two hours - voice still good/robotic dad-dancing still good. Rest of band in absolutely top form.

    Older crowd than I'm used to. Ha Ha.
  6. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    Strange, we were there and if you mean the Hyde Park gig - we thought it was fantastic. Second time we'd seen him and thought this was by the best. Gold tickets, yes we had them as well, access to short queue on entry and being closer to the stage were what I expected and what we got. View was great. Yes it was pricey, but with the supporting line up I though the price was fine.

    The Selector in Brighton last Saturday were great.
  7. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    Yes, that was it, Hyde Park, yes it was gold tickets in the gold area. Which on reflection is another extorsionate con, I know in opera and classical performances people pay for the best seats, but totally out of order for a rock concert. Rogers new band are not a patch on his old band, believe me, if you get the opportunity to watch 'In the Flesh' DVD you'll see exactly what I mean. To be honest I thought The Wall live gig was a bit boring , I love the Wall but I didn't make for a great live experience. However the two Waters gigs previous to that are both among the top five live concerts I've attended, especially the Darkside Annv, the band was really on top form, both these gigs were in the Point in Dublin, you could've easily made your way to the front of the stage if you so wished, it's not like a Metallica gig, I always prefer to stand back a little so I can see all the players, most attendees were of a reasonable age and all seemingly well mannered and civilised, no pushing, shoving or jostling.
    I'm guessing you had a better night than I did in Hyde park, two fans, two very different experiences.
  8. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    I owned it (gave all my DVDs to charity) - and I am sorry I dont see your point. Yes different experiences.
  9. Darren L

    Darren L pfm Member

    The point is the difference in the playing and singing by the various individual band members, one performance was performed by established and well respected virtuoso musicians,as good as it gets without having Gilmour, Mason and Wright on the stage, the new Hyde park band was at best a poor second rate cover band, the Greatest Gig in the Sky was paricularly crap, IMHO.
  10. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    Just back from RAH to see Hooky and an orchestra doing Joy Division, he said he was worried what people might think of it but he/they did a bloody good job I reckon. Some of the slower stuff didn't turn out brilliant but the stormers were all the up tempo stuff, the roof came off when they did Ceremony etc.
    Brown Bottle likes this.
  11. smithy

    smithy pfm Member

    Kew The Music next week anybody else going ?Lewis Capaldi on Wednesday for me!
  12. Bertie Lasky

    Bertie Lasky pfm Member

    Witnessed Madness in Limerick a while ago...very together and 'record similar'...Skatalites in 2 weeks.
  13. wacko

    wacko pfm Member

    Van Morrison at The Roundhouse. Great sound and music, but just a little too short at barely 1 1/2 hours. Another 20 mins would have been nice. But he is 73 so it was a homage trip really.
  14. Daisy

    Daisy pfm Member

    Joan as policewoman in Leeds on Wednesday, can't wait.
  15. Daisy

    Daisy pfm Member

    Joan fantastic , at the music school and her voice and the Steinway grand piano perfectly complimented the venue.
  16. herb

    herb music live

    Saturday night Garbarek at Edinburgh Jazz Festival. Music as expected, worth going to calibrate my stereo. Pretty full audience and the drummer enjoyed himself playing with cymbals under water, I kid you not. The encore was truly awful, the audience was encouraged to clap along to a Cream classic. If it was meant to be a tribute to Jack Bruce fair enough, but it turned into a pantomime .
  17. Daisy

    Daisy pfm Member

    Saw Bob and Neil in Hyde Park on Friday, very very special . Only downside was Hyde Park ,3 rows from the barrier for Bob right in the middle but still miles away in the basic ticket area, I know there is screens but not the same.
  18. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Graham Nash, in Southport, a couple of hours ago. A nice summary of his career in the Hollies, in CSN, CSNY and solo. Many mentions of his time with Joni M. .. An enjoyable show.
  19. madscientist

    madscientist pfm Member

    Larry Goldings,Peter Bernstein and Bill Stewart at The Dorking Jazz Club last night, very entertaining and superb muscianship.
  20. Heard a couple of comments on the radio that Dylan was poor, but they didn’t specify. I’m not a fan but a friend of mine travelled from India to see him, I hope he wasn’t disappointed. What did you think?

    Cheers BB

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