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What concert have you last been to #3

Discussion in 'music' started by Rasher, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. foxwelljsly

    foxwelljsly Keep Music Vile

    Julian Cope at Dreamland Margate last night. I am now utterly convinced that our ancient forebears were shitfaced most of the time. The man has to be bordering on national treasure status by now. And '****s can **** off'.
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  2. koi

    koi pfm Member

    Off to see supergrass in Manchester this month.
  3. Andrew C!

    Andrew C! Been around a while....

    Caravan Palace at the O2 Academy Birmingham.

    Superb musicianship, and also loved the new stuff. Sound quality was excellent, especially from the Moog!

    Mobile phone filming should be banned anyway, but thankfully not too bad at this gig.
  4. Bombay Bicycle Club at The Brighton Centre, I enjoyed it but too much bass at times that drowned out the vocals. A shame because they were very good otherwise, hopefully I'll catch them again sometime.

    Cheers BB
  5. claire.foxx

    claire.foxx Trans lives matter

    So, Yay, I made it to San Francisco’s Eagle’s monthly frolic club night last weekend, with live electronica/DJ mashups with video walls a great sound systems, all reason/ableton/laptoppists with a heavily rotating roster of queer and trans and non binary artists... (DJ Lucky Rabbit was definitely in the zone alright) and a lot of NSFW stuff going on in the audience among my fellow furries. I came with the express intention to frolic and truly got down and did the nasty on the dance floor and smooched with other furries because we are all amoral perverts who will turn your children away from pronouns and from god.

    Stage invasions are common, simulated grinding in fursuits is common; The the freq stays uniformly vibrational (not much top-end detail gets through the fursuit) and essentially I’m not sure where one bit ends and the other begins, I’m there to dance and smooch. It’s just like the good old days. What living breathing creature of glitterball reflected neon pink light wouldn't find this immense fun?

    (not my pix, I leave the phone at home for this sort of shindig, quite a few up in the Flickr collection linked, I’m in some, (In fursona but you’ll have to know what to look for.)

    [​IMG]DSC_7459 by Tasty Eagle, on Flickr

    [​IMG]DSC_7453 by Tasty Eagle, on Flickr

    [​IMG]DSC_7383 by Tasty Eagle, on Flickr

    So... how was your evening?
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2020
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  6. Jimbobbyron

    Jimbobbyron pfm Member

    Steel Panther- 02 Bristol. Great show.
  7. Heckyman

    Heckyman pfm Member

    Fatoumata Diawara at Liverpool Leaf last night. Brilliant show, the whole room was dancing by the end.
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  8. Dee-Kay

    Dee-Kay Member

    Sam Baker last night, superb as ever. Had my friend in tears with his insightful writing and masterful storytelling. Supported by Radoslav Lorkovic complementing perfectly on piano.
  9. guey

    guey pfm Member

    Portico Quartet last night at Turner Sims in Southampton, excellent as ever.
    The multitasking drummer in particular earned his keep.
  10. zygote23

    zygote23 pfm Member

    Just back in from Evan Parker in Belfast......erm whut?
  11. bor

    bor queue jumper

    I was lucky enough to see Algiers again this week, at the same small bar where I saw them a couple of years ago.

    The big time remains elusive (lucky for us). This is the downside of being an impossible band to pidgeonhole.

    The performance was superb, but I enjoyed the first time more.
  12. roman

    roman pfm Member

    A bit late with this entry but I mention it both for the awesome band and venue.

    The group were L'epee, a mainly french band whose style is a mixture of psychedelic garage rock, french pop and spaghetti western soundtrack ( a bit velvet underground/Jesus and mary chain) with one album to their name, and an off-shoot of the splendid Liminianas (whose style is a mixture of psychedelic garage rock...you get the idea).

    They work as a sort of collective, currently including Anton Newcombe on guitar and some vocals (Brian Jonestown massacre) and Emmanuelle Seigner on vocals. They are fantastic live, beginning with a lighter touch and ending with swirling feedback coming from as many as five guitarists. If you get the chance to see them or the Liminianas and like this sort of thing then don't hesitate.

    Anyway, that's the biog bit done.

    The venue was the splendid and quite new 'Earth' in Hackney, London. its a former cinema, later pool hall now converted into two performances spaces and a bar. L'epee played in the upstairs bit, formerly the cinema circle. Its been configured a bit like a plywwod greek theatre, stepping down to a wide stage at the bottom. The plywood steps form a fixed seating arrangement which works well and holds about 750 (I generally much prefer standing venues, I think the downstairs area is larger and all standing).

    After seeing some decent gigs spoiled by bad sound (my love/hate affair with the brixton academy) this was a wonderful gig with stunning sound, everything seemed just right. I wondered if I was in the sweet spot but have stumbled on this article which suggests otherwise, I thought it might be of some interest here (maybe in the audio section?):

  13. wylton

    wylton pfm Member

    Gwenifer Raymond, guitar & banjo player extraordinaire at the Green Room Store, Brighton last night. A tiny venue, just right for this kind of music; amazing stuff!
  14. A Winged Victory For The Sullen - last Thursday at the Roun Chapel in that London - ostensibly taking nr.2 harmonic as part of her Christmas present but really enjoyed it, really beautiful
  15. Marchbanks

    Marchbanks Hat and Beard member

    I could go for this. Admittedly I think I’m too reserved to do my nasty on the dance floor, but smooching with other furries definitely sounds like fun. And if a little simulated grinding with that Sonic Youth bunny was on offer...
  16. zygote23

    zygote23 pfm Member

    Just back in from 'A Winged Victory for the Sullen'. Tiny church in the middle of Belfast. Maybe 200 or so people.....rather good indeed.
  17. Nearly saw Michael Kiwanuka but it was called because he has laryngitis.

    Cheers BB
  18. claire.foxx

    claire.foxx Trans lives matter

    Back at March’s Frolic which had its 10 year anniversary down at SF Eagle. Fursuits, Frolic and Fuzzbutts.more or less the same as the photos posted last month upthread although with more DJs and more live manipulations of electronica. These are my people, it may be weird but it’s okay by me and I’m okay by them. I found my tribe.

    I won’t flood the thread with any more fur but just wanna show off one snap of my dear friend Fiero, a chonky boi who clearly has thoughts on the kitchen knife thread in /offtopic. (more photos at link)

    by Tasty Eagle, on Flickr
  19. RustyB

    RustyB Registered Ginga

    Tuesday night was 10CC at Sky City Theatre Auckland. Not a band I would pay to see, but got to hand it to Goulding and co, a very impressive performance. Kicking off with Wall St Shuffle, they hit the ground running and kept us entertained through some more obscure stuff with some history/banter and swapping of instruments. They nailed Dreadlock. Sound was way better than the norm, level and balance spot on, no gross distortion. Seemed to me the sound guy was getting the best out of the house system.
  20. guey

    guey pfm Member

    Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart last night in Guildford.
    Really good fun, cracking band, a brilliant dubbed out version of Public Image, and an absolutely killer version of How Much Are They.

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