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What hifi equipment do you currently own?

Discussion in 'audio' started by steve_1979, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. sls4321

    sls4321 pfm Member

    Devialet Expert Pro 250 and Harbeth SHL5+ 40th Anniversary. Hifi Racks stands. Audience 24 cables. ASUS router with external psu.

    That’s it 95% of the time, but turntable is Claro Dual with Origin Live Illustrious/Urushi and Jelco/Ortofon Mono.
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  2. drummerman

    drummerman pfm Member

    Very, very little. Hegel baby amp and ProAc speakers. All streaming through a tiny CCA and equally small Hifime Sabre DAC.

    Got rid of all my vinyl and CD stuff. Lovely.
  3. Rosewind

    Rosewind Lost in Translation

    Main study set-up
    EAR 802, EAR 516, Quad ESL-57s, Partridge SUT

    Thorens TD 147 Jubilee/Thorens TD16 with improved TD63 arm tube/Benz Gullwing SLR.

    B&O Beocord 6500
    Line Magnetic 502CA DAC, Shuttle Win Server 2016 + NuForce U192s (USB to Spdif)

    FM Radio-set-up
    Leak Stereo 70 integrated SS amo
    Leak Stereofetic FM Stereo Tuner
    Jbl Lx-310
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  4. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    I’ve always lusted after Klyne (one of those brands like Spectral too).
  5. rbrown

    rbrown I think therefore I think I am

    Mac mini with Tidal/Roon, Lavry DA10, Adam S2Xs + Sub 10.

    I have had this set up for about 5 years now and have no inclination to change anything.
  6. koi

    koi pfm Member

    I looked for the Klyne amps for ages and when each one arrived it was a jaw dropping moment they are rather good and work great with my valve amps.
  7. echann

    echann pfm Member

    • Turntable - Roksan Xerxes 20+ with Vertere SG1 motor drive, Naim ARO, Roksan Shiraz, Vertere PSU
    • Phono Stage - Trilogy 907
    • Amp - Teddy Pardo PR1, Naim Snaxo 242 with Teddy Supecap, Teddy Pardo ST60 x 2
    • Speakers - Naim SL2 with Teddy Pardo speaker cable
    • Digital - Microsoft Surface Pro, TeddyDAC USB
    • Headphones - Focal Clear, iFi Micro iDSD Black Label DAC/Amp

    • Backup Exposure XV integrated amp lurking in the cupboard
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  8. wwelly

    wwelly pfm Member

    Home Headphone Setup

    Source: Bluesound Node, streaming from Synology NAS or, alternatively, Spotify.
    DAC: M2tech Young, powered form Teddy Pardo PSU.
    Headphone Amp: Schiit Lyr 2. Replaced stock tubes with Gold Lion 6922's (Bit More Clarity and "air" than stock tubes)
    Headphones: Oppo PM-3

    Main Setup

    Turntable/Tonearm/Cartridge - Dr. Feickert Woodpecker/Kuzma S12 VTA unipivot/Audio Technica AT33-PTG/ii.
    Phono Stage - Ray Samuels Audio Nighthawk

    Streamer - Raspberry Pi 3 with Allo DigiOne SPDIF interface (using BNC connection). Running Archphile as OS. Streaming from Synology NAS or Spotify.
    DAC - Schiit Gungnir Multibit
    CD Player - Yamaha CD-S300 (hooked up to Gungnir via RCA SPDIF - for playing very occasional CDs, usually cover discs from music mags)

    Pre-amp/DAC - Burson Audio Conductor V2+ (DAC section used for hooking up TV.)
    Power Amp - Burson Audio Timekeeper Virtuoso
    Burson is an Australian audio brand - https://www.bursonaudio.com/


    Magneplanar MG 1.7

    Other Gear

    Power filter/conditioner - Isotek Polaris and Isotek power cords (The entry level ones)
    Analogue cabling - Mixture of Van Damme, Mogami and Chord.
    NAS Drive - Synology DS212
    All of the gear is placed on ikea aptitlig bamboo chopping boards for a bit of isolation.

    Portable Setup

    DAP - Fiio X5 MkIII
    Fiio F9 Pro ( Balanced - for daily commute and office listening), or Etymotic Hf-5 with custom moulds (Unbalanced - for air travel. They attenuate a lot more noise, in comparison with the Fiio headphones).
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  9. Paul Mc

    Paul Mc pfm Member

    CD player - Accuphase 410
    Amp - Accuphase 308
    Speakers - Avalon NP2
    Plus: Audiomica cables and Musicworks power products and stand
    I have a Clearaudio turntable on loan in cause of emergency.
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  10. Gingerbeard

    Gingerbeard pfm Member

    Out with Naim (a while ago now...) and in with Teddy Pardo and never looked back :D

    Teddy Pardo DAC
    Teddy Pardo PR1 preamp
    Teddy Pardo MB100 mono amps
    Rega Apollo-R CD player
    Harbeth P3SRs
    HiFi Racks speaker stands
    Auralic Aries Mini
    Synology 212 Nas
    VanDame speaker cable
    HiFi Racks rack

    Very tempted to delve back into vinyl, we’ll see...
  11. Hook

    Hook Blackbeard's former bo'sun.

    Thorens TD-124 Mk I (1958), Ortofon RMG-212 with SPU Royal GM Mk II
    WT Amadeus GTA with EMT JSD-6
    Naim Superline powered by Supercap DR
    Musical Surroundings Nova II
    Naim NDS, 555PS DR, TP-Link Ethernet to Fibre converters
    Rocketfish Bluetooth music receiver
    QNAP TS-419P II running Asset UPNP
    Korg MR1000 digital recorder
    Naim 552 / 552PS DR
    Naim 300 / 300PS
    Naim Ovator 400s
    Quad ESL 57's (rebuilt by Wayne Piquet of Quads Unlimited)
    Isotek Syncro from wall socket to Audience aR6 PDU, PowerLines
    Naim Fraim racks, cherry with black risers
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  12. seoulite

    seoulite Active Member

    MacBook Air-Wireworld USB cable-JOB INTegrated amp-Focal Electra 1008BE

    Sabaj amp-PSB Alpha B1

    A&K jr-Elecom CB1000
  13. Mitch65

    Mitch65 Member

    Auralic Aries - fed by WD NAS drive and Tidal HIFi
    April Music Eximus DP1
    Burson Audio Timekeeper Power Amplifier
    Acoustic Energy Reference 1 on Partington Super Dreadnoughts
  14. martin clark

    martin clark pinko bodger

    Naim CD2 with some homebrew mods
    Deltec DPA50S preamp + 2 DPA50s power amps monobloc'd, all rebuilt and properly fettled.
    Quad ESL989s, or Impulse H2s

    'radio' via Chromecast audio; or for fun Onix BWD1, or a Quad FM1 or FM3

    This does it for me.
    There are a good few other bits around here for interest though; amps, several headphones, dacs and some HPAs inc much DIY...
  15. Ibbots

    Ibbots pfm Member

    Funk LSD/Ortofon 2M Bronze
    Violectric PPA600 phono amp
    Sonictransporter server running Roon (Roon remote on laptop or tablet)
    Chord Hugo TT dac
    Violectric V281 headphone amp
    Audeze LCD-3 & Focal Clear Pro headphones

    Living Room:
    RPi and Allo Digione
    Chord Qutest dac
    Schitt Mjolnir 2 headphone amp
    Audeze LCD-XC headphones

    Mytek Stereo192 and Adam Artist 5 for TV and occasional music

    IBasso DX80 dap
    Chord Hugo
    Oppo PM-3 'phones
  16. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

    New second system.
    Audio lab mad
    Chrome Nap 250
  17. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Apart from what’s in my profile in the loft I have a Nytech receiver, a Rotel CD player, a Sony CD player, a couple of Rega R200 arms.
    There’s an unused pair of IBLs in one room and a Naim Muso in the lounge.
  18. alan967tiger

    alan967tiger pfm Member

    Koetsu Red T has replaced the Ortofon Quintet.
    Resolution Audio Opus 21 has replaced the Esoteric (I wasn't listening to many SACDs).
    My Mjolnir Audio Mini KGSSHV is back instead of the Stax T8000.
    The Hifi Racks stand is gone, replaced with the Finite Elemente Pagode MR.
  19. dspatterson

    dspatterson Keltik Krazy

    LP12 Ittok DV10x5
    Naim NS01
    CLASSE CP800
    Linn SMPS Tunebox
    LINN Klouts x4
    Linn Keltik (cherry pair, black pair)
  20. Jonqpr

    Jonqpr pfm Member

    Accustic arts sacd
    Ziro audio disclosure xlr to
    Audio music transformer pre
    Hovland G3 xlr to
    Audio music 805s monos
    Hms gran finale top mark mk2 bi wire to
    Nightingale concentus open baffle
    All fed by audience power chord to nordost x6 power block
    Audience powerchord to accustic arts
    Lumley mk1 silver power cables feeding audio music monos

    Also have audience au24 interconnect
    Hms sestetto mk3
    Harmonic technology magic link 3 interconnect
    Amps on living voice auditorium bases with sorbothane on top with heavy flat slate slabs
    Accustic arts on audiotech turntable stand with sorbothane and audio origami mix for isolation with carbon discs, pre on custom hne granite low stand
    Approx 2600 sacd and cd's mostly jap releases
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2018

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