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Where to go from Shahinian Compass?

Discussion in 'audio' started by FranzD, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. FranzD

    FranzD pfm Member

    I am considering to move on from my Shahinian Compass speakers and therefore looking for advice. I know it is all about listening for myself, but before that I have to narrow down the choices. The Shahinians really shine when cranked up. But I mostly listen at moderate levels and in that case they are too polite for my taste and deteriorating hearing. Martin Colloms said it much better than I could: ‘Sweet and rich, the Compass asks to be played at higher sound levels, and even so sounds a little distant, like far off music heard in the open air played at a modest volume. (…) While mid dynamics are softened and rim shots somewhat muted and polite (…) On classical material one is magically transported to the concert hall, with a sumptuous sound reminiscent of row 35 or thereabouts. For rock it is certainly quite laid back, giving more of stadium than a studio effect,…’

    I am looking for something that puts me nearer to the front row and places the music in my room. I should add that I am more or less deaf on my left ear, so stereo image, sweet spot and all that stuff are not important. I simply need a bold, clear sound that fills my room. I expected the Compass to do that and they do in some way, but as I said too soft and distant.

    System consists of a moderate LP12, Naim CD2 and Densen B 150+. My music is non audiophile stuff – rock from the 1950ies to the present, Blues (Delta and early Chicago), classic country (Carter Family, Hank Williams), Southern Soul, stuff like that. Budget for the time being is roughly GBP 1,700/€ 2,000, which would mean buying used (which is more than ok, most of my stuff has been pre-owned). In about a year’s time I could spend up to GBP 3,500/€ 4,000.

    I am looking forward to your recommendations, thanks. From what I read here and elsewhere some speakers of the Neat range might do the trick? Also the Russell K Red 120 seems to be something I should listen to. The speakers will not have much space around them, so placement should not be an issue.

    Sorry, this has been long, but I tried to put all the relevant information into that.
  2. Jono_13

    Jono_13 Duffer

    What’s the front end driving the speakers? Sources and amplification?
  3. Man in a van

    Man in a van pfm Member

    Myself and a friend spent a long time listening to these at the Cranage show this year.

    Deffo for a demo :)
    Wilson likes this.
  4. Bronzeage

    Bronzeage Active Member

    Try and listen to Proac speakers if you can, they can give you that in-the-room sound you are after.
  5. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    Having used and loved a pair of Compass speakers in my 2nd system for a year or two I came across a pair of Radford M90's and they pushed the Shahinians out. The Radfords have an ease and scale which is lovely plus mine are great at any volume. They don't come up very often and they don't sell for much which is astonishing. I did a quick search and there is a pair for sale on The Art of Sound which look very nice: https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?66323-FS-Radford-M90-speakers

    For the money they are asking I would get them and see if they fit the bill; if not they should be easy to move on.
  6. FranzD

    FranzD pfm Member

    As I wrote in the OP: System consists of a moderate LP12, Naim CD2 and Densen B 150+.
  7. FranzD

    FranzD pfm Member

    Thanks Snufkin, the Radfords seem to be fun. I would definitively give them a try, especially at this price.Unfortunately, they have to be collected.
  8. PerF

    PerF Member

    I would second the Russell K and Neat suggestions, perhaps listen to some Kudos and Fyne too

    Dark horse:
    Yamaha NS1000 or Naim SBL
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  9. Snufkin

    Snufkin pfm Member

    Shame you can't collect these as they are seriously undervalued if mine are anything to go by. I have Obelisks in my main system and the Radfords were not disgraced when I tried them instead of the Obs. I loved the Compass's but the Radfords are in a different league and do that 'low volume thing' beautifully.
  10. Alan Brown

    Alan Brown Registered LUser

    Can I suggest something from Heco? Their current, retro styled stuff is certainly excellent, but I was thinking one of their slightly out of fashion, larger floor standing models. Something from up the Celan range would do it, or even larger (I use the original model Heco Statement).

    They have a really nice presentation, quite dynamic and 'front row' if you will, with a really bold presentation. I've been really impressed by mine at lower and medium volumes, they give a fabulous reproduction of a live experience.
  11. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    Yes amazing vfm new and some great examples on the forums now s/h

    I like them with grandinote amps
  12. Barryoke

    Barryoke pfm Member

    Considering this part of your description... '' I should add that I am more or less deaf on my left ear, so stereo image, sweet spot and all that stuff are not important. I simply need a bold, clear sound that fills my room. I expected the Compass to do that and they do in some way, but as I said too soft and distant.''
    I would suggest a pair of Linn Isobariks. With a 'wall of sound' approach, instead of stereo imaging, then they should negate your left ear deficiency.
  13. FranzD

    FranzD pfm Member

    Are you referring to the Heco speakers?
  14. linnfomaniac83

    linnfomaniac83 I bet you can’t wheelie a unicycle!

    You need to listen to Neat and Kudos models in your budget range, I’ve a feeling they’ll give you what you’re looking for.
  15. FranzD

    FranzD pfm Member

    So my physical condition makes me a natural flat earther then.
  16. Barryoke

    Barryoke pfm Member

    No, but you mentioned it as part of your requirements, and I thought the Briks might help you to enjoy your music to the fullest, whilst still ticking the other boxes on clarity etc.
  17. FranzD

    FranzD pfm Member

    Thanks for considering that matter. In fact it is relevant for me. And the flat earth thing was meant as joke of course.
  18. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    yes franz
  19. lidsmoes

    lidsmoes pfm Member

    I sold my Compasses years ago. Tried several alternatives and eventually I switched to a pair of ProAc D18s. After a few months I found that I missed the Compasses. Sold the ProAcs and bought another set of Compasses.
    They are very hard to replace IMO.
    I would recommend you an extended home demo with your 'new' speakers before you get rid of the Compasses.
    Rushboy and hifinutt like this.
  20. gary yeowell

    gary yeowell pfm Member

    I have tried many speakers in place of my Compass, but none have had the overall qualities in my room that the Compass possess. Only the previous Shahinan Arc did a better job, but it's close.

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