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Winter election

Discussion in 'off topic' started by hifinutt, Oct 25, 2019.

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  1. hifinutt

    hifinutt hifinutt

    Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere . Is it not political suicide to have an election in December? The clocks are changing and it will be dark in the evenings . Who is going to want to campaign in the dark and winter conditions ? Will anyone want to think about rather than a roast turkey ? Am I missing something here?
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  2. wacko

    wacko pfm Member

    The worse the weather the more likely committed Brexiteer Tory voters will win.
  3. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    Won’t happen, Corbyn knows he’d be stuffed like a turkey.
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  4. Minio

    Minio pfm Member

    Even Norman Lamont last night on QT said that people would get the election confused with Christmas.

    Shows how much intelligence he credits the average voter with!
  5. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    One significant thing with a December election is the location of students.
  6. Philim

    Philim pfm Member

    In a gutter?
    glancaster likes this.
  7. Deej

    Deej pfm Member

    Labour and the other opposition parties should give a firm NO to a winter election. I would fear a Tory landslide if this was given the go-ahead.

    Not just that but scrutinising Johnson's EU Withdrawal Agreement should be the priority here. There should not have to be conditions to this such as agreeing to an election.
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  8. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    maybe. 12th December, is still in term time for most HEIs. But many more students are choosing to live at home than ever.

    Personally, I dont think the student vote is as important as it was.
  9. The Far North

    The Far North pfm Member

    Disagree this time only, since many students would have missed out on a vote at the referendum in 2016 and this is their only real chance to have a say on Brexit.
  10. chris@panteg

    chris@panteg pfm Member

    Corbyn has already said that no deal must be removed! And he means that permanently, which of course Boris will not promise and so then labour will abstain.
  11. Big Tabs

    Big Tabs hearing problems

    What about the committed Brexiteer Labour voters?

    (They exist, my dad is a life-long labour voter and voted to leave the EU. )
  12. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Wasn’t the fixed term act designed to stop gaming of the system such as this timing of a possible election?
  13. glancaster

    glancaster In the silicon vale

    Political suicide for who?

    What's sauce for the goose...
  14. gintonic

    gintonic 50 shades of grey pussy cats

    yes but if my campus is anything to go by, our students are split right down the middle as far as Brexit is concerned
  15. glancaster

    glancaster In the silicon vale

    An opposition that doesn’t want a chance to become the government is pointless, and looks it. Corbyn can delay a little while longer, but soon it will be hard to resist the calls. Particularly if the SNP and Lib Dems want it.
  16. Bart

    Bart pfm Member

    Labour will definitely go for a winter election - not this winter though!
  17. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    I think we’re seeing the end of project Corbyn, whilst many seem unwilling to believe it, he is toxic. It’s a shame that we’ll have to see Labour hammered at the polls before they seek to change their leader. My only hope is that the Liberals do well enough to allow a Socially Democratic Opposition to be formed. I don’t think they’ll form one with Corbyn. I’m tempted to put £10 on their being two elections next year.
    Dave J likes this.
  18. ks.234

    ks.234 pfm Member

    Corbyn is only toxic to those that want a continuation of more rightwing politics.
  19. Tony L

    Tony L Administrator

    Agreed. I can imagine the Tory attack campaign being along the lines of a picture of Corbyn with a strap-line along the lines of ‘Three times now this coward refused to face you in a General Election, do you really want him in charge of anything now?!’ or worse. I am certain the next election will be utterly vile on all sides; Cummings, Guido Fawkes, Leave.EU, AAV, Momentum etc are the new norm so the whole thing will be fought on negative popularist idiot-memes etc rather than rational discussion.

    To everyone else he is an utter irrelevance as he will never get even close to holding power. The best he can possibly hope for statistically is the position he is in right now; the leader of an opposition facing a minority Tory government. Everything else is downhill from that.
    Tim Jones and Dave J like this.
  20. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    Do you honestly believe that he is going to be able to form a government? I cannot see it personally.
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