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Your boot sale stories

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Homehelp, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Joe Hutch

    Joe Hutch Mate of the bloke

    Ricky sounds like good company. We could talk about post-punk bands while the rain ran down the unsold vinyl.
  2. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    ...and while the lieges did a bit of nicking round the front end of the car
  3. Rcook

    Rcook pfm Member

    My brother, who spends inordinate amounts of time hanging around car boot sales/charity shops/diving into skips has found at various points a Linn LP12 in a charity shop for £25, and a Garrard 401 never been taken out of the box for £30
  4. mentalp

    mentalp pfm Member

    My wife's ex found a pair of Tannoy Chatsworth with 12" Reds at a boot - got them knocked down to £7 from a tenner.Sounded great too before they went on Ebay.
    He was once doing a house clearance and saw a pair of large Tannoys - took the one load and went back for them to find the estate agent had skipped them.
  5. Homehelp

    Homehelp pfm Member

    great stories so far ever seen a fight start at a boot sale? i say this from experience. My mates brother offered a woman a price for something,

    she was so offended she come round the table without a word or warning , and lumped him one he fell to the floor, Police were even involved. Gave us something to laugh about for a week.
  6. barrymidd

    barrymidd Who me?

    I have bought a full set of Ping irons for £10. Brownfield statuette of a baker boy for £1 (worth £80-100). Shimano fishing reels for £5. Countless good tools for not a lot and best of all, lots of vinyl for pennies. I am an addict and Sundays would not be the same without going to a boot sale.
  7. TheDecameron

    TheDecameron Unicorns fart glitter.

    I need to git with this car boot sale thing. Maybe when I retire/ get fired
  8. Mick P

    Mick P Retired and content

    I have only been a a boot sale once and to be frank it was all a pile of tat that was long overdue for landfill.
  9. stevec67

    stevec67 pfm Member

    I find them hugely depressing. As Mick says piles of tat where the poor sell junk to each other while others circle, hoping to pick out the odd pearl for nothing. If yoyu are really lucky you can see the greed glittering in people's eyes. Ugh.

    While paupers exchange possessions, each one wishing for what the other has got.:(
  10. barrymidd

    barrymidd Who me?

    You definitely go to the wrong boot sales. Either that or you are anti them before you leave your house. Apart from anything, the ones I go to are as much social gatherings as sales. Great places to have a chat and a laugh.
  11. Bob McC

    Bob McC Living the life of Riley

    Didn't you sell much then Mick?
  12. cooky1257

    cooky1257 pfm Member

    So how many old widows have you got living with you now?
  13. Pete the Feet

    Pete the Feet pfm Member

    Same here, but to be fair I think you have to arrive early doors to get a shot at the best stuff as do the professional booters.
  14. Homehelp

    Homehelp pfm Member

    Ashley Heath Ringwood is huge so is canford magna Worth going just to see all the totty in the summer :)
  15. matt j

    matt j pfm Member

    I have nothing but bad memories of car boot sales.

    My old man is the sort who wastes his money on the latest/greatest/shiniest gadgets, regardless of whether he needs them or knows what they do. Consequently our attic was stuffed full of all the old gadgets that were no longer new/shiny enough to have him smacking his chops, so my mum -in her wisdom- decided we were going to car-boot it all over several Sunday mornings.

    Well I can imagine that such an event in a leafy Cotswold village with an average population age of 94 might be quite a pleasant affair, if not a bit dull. However, on a football pitch around the back of a miners welfare in a former mining town it was a different experience, on one occasion some Neanderthal even threatened to pull my old man over the pasting table and weave his face into the turf, simply because we wouldn't accept his 10p offer on an item marked up at a pound. If it wasn't threats of violence it was beating people off with a stick as they tried to rip the inside of the car apart trying to claim any bargains before you'd even put them out.

    I think we only managed two sales, then we just carried on filling the attic instead.
  16. Pete the Feet

    Pete the Feet pfm Member

    I used to cycle with a professional car booter. You should have seen some of the stuff he bought!!
    Bolle ski goggles, his crash hat was a sight to behold, he certainly turned a few heads. It was a true test of friendship. Mind, I used to tell people that I was his carer.
  17. nirvanah

    nirvanah pfm Member

    Just outside of Birkenhead I was assisted in the unpacking of my car by a pack of tenacious fellow car booters one damp sunday morning at 7am, someone even managed to look after my goretex jacket for me! My mates and i always intended to make a day of it..... A bit of a social.
    We managed to sell most of our unwanted tat including the silver lining of our box of wine labelled "space mans pillow 10p" the kid was made up!
    We had to remove a load of bin bags that were selling like hot cakes and funding our bacon and egg sarnie fund as they were not second hand!! All proceeds were spent in the very next field that very same evening as the gypsies were in town.
    All in all afine day out and a bloody good laugh

    Now in Aus i must admit i still love a good fossic around i have found plenty of decent records and some good old tools, my best find were a small collection of Aboriginal hand tools and arrow points, so tactile and beautiful, they sit atop of my speakers and are a great talking point, they could be 200 or 40,000 years old:D

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