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Your Loudspeaker history...

Discussion in 'audio' started by Jonathan Ribee, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    Something forgotten (just as well)
    Wharfdale unit 4 kits
    Mission 737
    SD Acoustics SD2
    Snell J 11
    Castle Howard S3
    Focal 1008
    Harbeth sHL5
  2. melody50

    melody50 Member

    Elac S7 2Years
    Mission M74i 3years
    Kef q4 3years
    Totem Model-1 5years
    Scansonic MB2.5 1years
    PSB Alpha 1 year own
    ATC SCMV7.3 1 year sold

    triangle esprit titus ez 2years still own
    Audion note AX-2 3months- still own
    Amphion Argon '1' 3months-still own
  3. evand

    evand pfm Member

    Acoustic Research 206 HO - first hifi, paired with NAD components in late 90's
    Spendor SA1 - bedroom system, since sold.
    ATCSCM100ASL - in storage
    Boston A23's - were used with DAC for PC sound, now all that's in use.
  4. PeterBCN

    PeterBCN Well-Known Member

    Here we go. I added a little comment to each speaker:

    1) Paradigm Active 20 - 1997 - My first entry into real HIFI. Great speakers
    2) JM Lab Chorus 706 - 1998 - Decent for the smallish size
    3) Von Schweikert VR-4 Generation II - 1999 - A real high End bargain. A speaker you could live for 30 years but an overkill for my aparment size.
    4) Von Schweikert VM 2 (rears and center) - 1999 - A disapointment in stereo use.
    5) Proac Ref Studio 8 sig - 2006 - An amazing speaker in small rooms.
    6) Kef Reference 201 - 2006- My first TOTL monitors. Truly great.
    7) Kef Reference 202C (center) - 2006 - A great center
    8) Kef KHT 9000 ACE - 2006 (rears) - 2006 - Nice "lifestyle" speakers that did not compromise sound
    9) Monitor Audio PL100 - 2008 - Left me cold. Never did it for me. Although the fit and finish was unbelievable.
    10) Paradigm Reference S8 V1 - 2008 - Went back to Paradigm 11 years later! My wife thought these were the best ever. I was somehow unphazed by them. Maybe my expectations were too high.
    11) B&W Signature 8NT (in wall center) - 2008 - An amazing center channel. Expensive but a great long term investment.
    12) B&W Signature 7NT (In wall rears) - 2008 - Amazing in walls.
    13) B&W 805 Signature - 2011 - After a long search another TOTL monitor to finish my living room system. They sound wonderful. Everything through them sounds good. Don't know if newer models have an advantage tbo.
    14) Amphion Argon 2 - 2011 - A truly great monitor at a great value. It is a Harbeth killer. So, so "organic". You can touch the music. It feels SO real.
    16) PSB Synchrony One B - 2012 - An amazing "muscle" speaker. It is fast and strong like an athlete. Great bass.
    17) Sony SS-G1 - 2012 - My vintage experiment. Not bad. Puts things in perspective as far as speaker technology.
    18) B&W CM1 - 2012 - An amazing value in B&W line.
    19) B&W CCM50 (in ceilling to go 7.1) - 2012 - Nothing special. They fit the role.
    20) SA2K Clone - 2013 - First DIY experiment. Great components but couldn't make it sound sophisticated.
    21) Paradigm Signature S2 V3 - 2015 - The only brand I've bought 3 times. This is another "sleeper" that could make you happy the rest of your life. It has it all. Easy to drive too.
    22) Kef LS50 - 2015 -After all the fuss and Class A rating by Stereophile, I took a chance. Contrary to logic, they don't work well in a small room as the bass is SO out of proportion. It is a speaker on steroids. To me great technology put to not so good use.
    23) Proac Ref Studio 8 Signature - 2015 - The only speaker I've bought twice. I was longing for its sound again. It still has that special magic in small rooms (like all Proac mini monitors) but now, a decade later, I spot the weaknesses of a 4.5" driver.
    24) Paradigm Ultracube 10 v2 - 2015 - My first subwoofer. It makes a HUGE impact in your Home Theater. Cannot believe I waited so long .
    25 - Harbeth P3ESR - 2017 - Had been quite impress with in-store demos of the SHL5 and 30.1 but settled with the P3ESR due to the size of my room. At first, I was convinced I had made a mistake. It took me a good month to adjust to how these present music. Before that, I couldn't get to the music. It just felt like a bunch of sound artifacts. After the adjustment period, it is true the mid-range is great but in all honesty the Paradigm S2s better them in pretty much every category.

    So there you have it! After looking at this list, I think the lesson I take with me is to trust my ears! I sold speakers that I loved ...for I don't know what reasons...and stuck to some that did not do it for my ...because they were supposed to be great? Just stick to what you like.
  5. Weekender

    Weekender pfm Member

    Rotel standmounts 1985-1994ish
    B&W budget (602?) standmounts 1997-2002ish.
    Second-hand B&W P4s 2002ish-2010 (still in an AV system)
    PMC fb1i 2010-

    Next I fancy some big Tannoys...will have to wait until I retire...or get knocked off my bike again.
  6. trick cyclist

    trick cyclist pfm Member

    1985 - Realistic Minibus 7 (still in my daughter's system)
    1989 - ProAc Super Tablettes (devastated when I had to sell these)
    2003 - some Denon 2.1 AV mini speakers :(
    2015 - Tannoy 115

    And a cast of 'tryouts', including TDL Nucleus 3, Goodmans Goodwood, TDL RTL2, (and some original Wharfedale Diamond Pro for daughter to move up to) There are more changes wrought to my system due to issues raised by SWMBO than by me actually changing because I fancy it!
  7. PhilDick

    PhilDick pfm Member

    Dynatron Mazurka stereo record player
    Leak sandwich
    MA bronze 6
    B&W CM7
    Opera Seconda
  8. jansen

    jansen pfm Member

    1983 Heco PPS 20
    2002 HGP Vola
    2017 Ascendo D7-C (should be another 15 years)

    Different rooms: Nubert Nupro 200, Genelec G Three (all actives)
  9. thebiglebowski

    thebiglebowski pfm Member

    B&W DM604
    B&W P4
    Linn Keilidh
    Linn Keilidh (active)
    Linn Keltik
    Naim SBL
    Linn Kan
    Naim n-sat
    Neat Elite SX
    ATC SCM 7
    EB Acoustics EB2
    Neat Petite SX
    KEF LS50
    ProAc 1SC
    Rega RS5
    Rega RS3
    Shahinian Arc
    Shahinian Obelisk
    Living Voice OBXR
    Audio Note AN-e
    Audio Note AN-j Hemp
    *Snell K mk1
    Harbeth P3esr
    *Tune Audio Prime

    * current speakers

    May have missed a few :)
  10. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    nice list
    looks like you had an epiphany about 9 sets ago?
  11. Jonqpr

    Jonqpr pfm Member

    Linn kan mkII
    Lumley lampros 100 mkII
    Nightingale concentus.
  12. johnhunt

    johnhunt pfm Member

    1977 - acquired single speaker soldered across speaker terminals of portable cassette player

    1979 - pioneer something with Sony receiver

    1985 - MS35 with NAD. They would cut out if played too loud

    2003 - CM2 with arcam

    2004 - jmlab 920

    2007 - focal 1028

    2012 - ATC100asl

    Come to think of it I've had far more cars 20+ but not so many cats
  13. Obi1

    Obi1 Swedish HiFi enthusiast

    Home made
    Mission 703
    Audio pro A2.42 Live
    ALR/Jordan Entry S
    Dynaudio Contour 1.3
    Audiovector Mi3 Signature

    In the future: Martin Logan
  14. salty dog

    salty dog pfm Member

    - Ferguson record player with (lid) stereo speakers that clipped off the deck
    - Home made cabinets at school by a mate using the above
    - Wharfedale Lintons (didn't last long)
    then my first major purchase as a working teenager was a Rotel amp and deck. To go with it I bought
    - Celestion Dittons (very smooth but coloured) on living room shelves
    - Mordant Short Pageant 2s - Loved these, with the addition of Linn Sara stands these lasted a mere 25 years..... well in to my flat earth period then:
    - Rega Ela2s (great fun speakers)
    - Shahinian Arcs (Nuff said ..Coming in to their own as the system improves)
    Only a couple of years between the Elas and Arcs (2006 and 2008 I think) but still have both and swap them periodically (MSP2's still in loft)

  15. johnacurtis

    johnacurtis pfm Member

    Some Panasonic speakers
    JPW AP2
    Royd Doublet
    Wilson Benesch Arc
    Shahinian Obelisk
    Russell K Red 50
  16. northpole

    northpole pfm Member

    1. Heybrook HB1 S2 (or was it HB2?) - first speakers bought from Lyric Hi-Fi in Belfast circa 1987 or 1988 - stored whilst overseas in early 1990's - I drove them up to a friend to gift them - opened boot to discover the gaskets around drivers had all disintegrated - Ooops moment! NACA4 cable.

    2. B+W 704 - bought from Grahams Hi-Fi in Islington circa 1996 or 1997 - as middle of the road as you can get - still have them in my bedroom system. NACA5 cable.

    3. Naim NBL - bought from Audio T Brighton but no clue when! They can hit the sweet spot like nothing else. I had problems driving them and the living room shape worked against them. They really need a 500 to push them along. I still have them whilst I ponder if their time is up or if I should just hold on to them. Chord Signature cable.

    4. B+W 802 D3 - bought slightly used - fascinating and slightly sad history for original owner - they may well be my keeper set but I need more time spent listening to them to reach a decision on whether their superb resolution and sound spectrum contains enough sparkle. Shame I can't spend more time listening. Chord Signature cables about to be replaced by a pfm'ers sarum cables (very fortunate chap has acquired ChordMusic cables).

    5. Wharfdale Diamond 9.1 - I've had them for ages stuck atop a very tall fridge in my kitchen hooked up to an Onkyo micro DAB 'system' and, truth be told, this is where I spend the vast majority of time listening to music/ radio, albeit very much in the background.

  17. Rosewind

    Rosewind Lost in Translation

    Set-up 1:
    Coral floor standing speakers c. 1981.
    Mission 737R 1984-2012
    Magnepan mg12 (Very brief test - did not pass the wife approval test)
    Linn Ninka (active set-up) 2012-2015
    Amphion Argon 3L 2015 (current)

    Set-up 2 in my study (2012 onwards. From 2015 it became my main rig)
    JBL LX30 (my wife's old speakers)
    Rega R1
    Naim NSats
    Magnepan MC1 + 2 x Dynaudio MC250 subs
    AudioSmile LBM (active, now used in our kitchen)
    Magnepan 1.7 (wanted to hear these)
    Audio Note AX1
    Rogers LS2
    System Audio Audion 2
    47 Laboratory 4722 Lens (current)

    Set-up 3 in our kitchen:
    Various active plastic PC-speakers
    AudioSmile LBM (active, 2016, current)
  18. chebby

    chebby pfm Member

    Prinzsound speakers as part of a 'hand-me-down' system from my older brother when I was 13 (around 1976).

    Celestion Countys. (Old stock, bought in a sale.)

    AR18s in 1981 (part of 1st 'proper' system that I bought myself just after I left college and started full-time work).

    Mordaunt Short Festival 2s collected in person (with a tour of factory) from their Durford Mill, Petersfield location.

    Downsized to MS Carnival 3s ('body stocking' version) on wall brackets when kids started crawling.

    KEF Q35.2s (for 11 years) in a Rega Planar 3 (sky blue), G1042, Rega Brio, Rega Radio ('clamshell' series), Yamaha (cassette), NAD (CDP) system that I loved to bits! (Plus two G1042 replacement stylii during that 11 years.)

    Rega R3s (2008 - 2015)

    Now ... Audio-Note AX-Twos and JPW Sonatas (mint with MNIB matched tweeters fitted).
  19. neilo7

    neilo7 One day I'll stop upgrading

    In no particular order and I'm sure I've missed a few

    Tannoy M3
    Monitor Audio GR10
    Silver 3
    B&W CDM1SE
    Matrix 805
    Royd Eden
    Minstral SE version
    Proac Tablette anniversary
    Response 1SC (Twice)
    Neat Motive 2 & 3
    Audioplan Kontrapunkt
    KEF X300
    Jamo Concert 8 (Twice again)
    Totem Model One Signature (Twice!)
    Dali Zensor (after a year with no hifi I started back on the road again with these)

    Current speakers are the Proac 1SC. Out of them all I'd say the Totem Model 1 were the best and can't find a pair anywhere! Worst would be B&W 805.
  20. DRSBest

    DRSBest Member

    The ones I can remember/current

    Aiwa music centre that came with some speakers
    Which I "upgraded" on my 18th to some Goodman Magnum K speakers. These saw a lot of action at parties. Still have in the loft somewhere.
    Rogers LS7. Warm, no treble.
    MS 55ti (i think) which like an earlier poster on MS speakers mentioned also cut out when listening loud. All treble.
    Kef 105 (original daleks). Good fun.
    Celestion A3. Not fun. I couldn't get them to sound right.
    Pro-Ac Response 4 (a forever speakers apart from they were huge and wouldn't fit in new home). Someone got a bargain.
    Whist rebuilding house came across super cheap 2 x Geneval XL. Supposedly ipod docs, but they are the size of mid sized speaker. Ran them as a stereo pair. Not sure they exactly count as speakers, but they are an easy listen and great for parties. Passed onto the kids.
    B&W 800 Diamond.
    Art Alnico Signature with monitor audio PLW215ii sub (you cant have too much bass if properly set up). These are current.
    ATC 150 tower with anniversary pack with B&W ASW 850 Sub (see above). These are my living room speakers. Compared to pro-ac's my wife thinks they are reasonably proportioned. Lots of comments about them being unforgiving. Not compared to the the 800 Diamonds.

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