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Your Loudspeaker history...

Discussion in 'audio' started by Jonathan Ribee, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. gryphongryph

    gryphongryph Member

    Qln Signature, then Amphion Xenon (still have) newest edition is a pair of lovely Graham Audio LS 5/9 in Rosewood.
  2. Buntobox

    Buntobox pfm Member

    Leak 3030 (1977)
    Acoustic Research AR12 (1979)
    JBL L15 (1984) later added two kit-built subwoofers (1987)
    Meridian DSP5000 (1994)
    Meridian DSP7200.2 (2015)
  3. martinab2

    martinab2 pfm Member

    Goodmans Q30 (bought from Comet with a Pioneer SA420 - sounded horrible although much improved on the end of an old valve amplifier)
    Philips RH541 MFB (great bass from a small box - surprisingly musical)
    IMF TLS50 (heavy and slow - tried with all sorts of different amps without success)
    KEF K120 (partnered with LP12/Linn Intek - my favourite setup of the 90s)
    Quad ESL57 (everyone should own a pair at least once)
    Tannoy Mercury M20 (great with a Quad 303)
    JPW AP2 (good bass for the size)
    KEF K120 (another pair - I used them till the woofer surrounds turned to dust)
    Monitor Audio RX1 (good for detail speed and timing but irritatingly bright long-term)
    Kirishima double mouth horns (with SE 2A3 amp the best for 'being there' imaging)

    Naim SBL (on the end of LP12/72/HiCap/Snaxo/140s probably the best all rounder so-far)
  4. timola

    timola pfm Member

    Kef 104AB (always had the mid bias on +, bass was whooly, nice mid though)
    Misson 770 (very thin bass, never liked ported speakers after this experience)
    Kef 104 MK2 (far too boomy in my room...only lasted 2 weeks)
    Linn Kans Mk2 (loved these for many years, 10 perhaps, very musical and fast)
    Linn Isobariks passive and active nowadays, love their coloured sound.

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