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Your Top Five Solo Female Singers?

Discussion in 'music' started by MVJ, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. 1964meb

    1964meb pfm Member

    Amy Winehouse

    Stacey Kent

    Ella Fitzgerald - everything she ever did


    Joni Mitchell

    Not included as I don't adore most of their work
    PJ Harvey
    Cassandra WIlson - Blue Light 'Till Dawn
    KD Lang - Inginue
    Gloria Estevan - Abriendo Puertas and Mi Tierra
  2. tiggers

    tiggers pfm Member

    Kate Bush (of course)
    Sarah McLachlan (vastly under appreciated in the UK)
    Adele (not really my cup of tea, but what a voice)
    Donna Summer (disco with gravitas)
    Kim Sanders (her work with Schiller is spine tinglingly good)
  3. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    As said above, not many of those I've heard of that I could disagree with.

    But, my top five on a regular listening basis..

    Joni M. Everything.. esp.. Blue
    Jennifer Warnes.. Esp.. FBR The Hunter and Shot Through the Heart.
    Rickie Lee Jones
    Joan Baez
    Sarah Vaughan

    Another five who feature regularly..

    Helen Forrest (40s Dance Band singer.)
    Amalia Rodrigues.. Fado
    Eva Cassidy. She was a staggeringly competent and versatile singer.
    Etta James
    Nanci Griffith.
    Errol likes this.
  4. MVJ

    MVJ madvinyljunkie,Professional Plonker & PFM Member

    Having been thru my collection of female singers over the last few days due to some of the choices posted here +
    A bit of spotifing I have another five to add.

    Judy Collins, Bohemian.
    Agnes Obel, Philarmonics.
    Mary Coughlan, Tired & Emotional.
    Tanita Tikaram, Ancient Heart.
    Mary Black, speaking With the Angel.
  5. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    nice to see Tanita get a mention...mine would include

    Mary Gauthier 'Mercy Now'
    Joni Mitchel 'Court and Spark'
    Suzanne Vega 'Solitude standing'
    Madeleine Peyroux 'Bare Bones'
    Mary Chapin Carpenter 'Sand and Water'

    Aretha is queen but she's a shoe in to any list, so too obvious for me here.
  6. MVJ

    MVJ madvinyljunkie,Professional Plonker & PFM Member

    Not heard the Mary Chapin Carpenter album my favourite one is 'Stones in thRoad' must get up to date with her out put.

    Tanita Tikaram was a breath of fresh air when it came out as there was sooo much pooey music around at the time.
    Totally original & unique I played it constantly.
  7. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    I agree. She was a storyteller in old folk tradition, just honest and heartfelt. Good voice too.
    That BNC album has two of the saddest tracks ever written. Blimey. The title track deals with her attempt to find some direction after the death of her partner IIRC. Blimey. Two tissue stuff.
  8. MVJ

    MVJ madvinyljunkie,Professional Plonker & PFM Member

    Yeah she lost her way after parting company with Peter Van Hooke & Rod Argent which was after her second album 'Sweet Keeper' I think? That is another great album & so well produced like the first. Not heard any recent stuff do you have any to reccommend?
  9. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    no because Ive gone mad and confused MCC with BNC as edited above. Ignore me! :)
  10. MVJ

    MVJ madvinyljunkie,Professional Plonker & PFM Member

    Get back to bed lad it's Sunday have a lay in:confused:
  11. Rockmeister

    Rockmeister pfm Member

    not a bad idea at that. Good thread btw. Do a male one pls! :)
    MVJ likes this.
  12. Mullardman

    Mullardman Moderately extreme...

    Couple of posts above had me 'double taking' and getting myself in knots between Beth N-C and Mary C-C.. :D. Easily done..

    Excellent shout for 'Sand and Water' A very nice album. My fave is 'Seven Shades of Blue'. I believe it's about the death of her husband from cancer. Stunningly inventive lyrics including a quite phenomenally evocative chorus.

    Breaking the list of 5 rule, I'd also mention Iris De Ment, Mary Black, Karine Polwart and Thea Gilmore. On the soul front Carla Thomas was always overshadowed by Aretha, but did some excellent stuff herself.

    Keely Smith is also underrated these days, but a great jazz/ballad singer.

    I can't take to Madeleine Peyroux, or Eleanor Mc Evoy, for similar reasons. To me, both sound like they are trying to be someone else.

    I have one album by Mary Chapin Carpenter and could never understand why I didn't take to it much.. Then a reviewer in one of the Hi-Fi Mags described one of her albums as 'A collection of well crafted, well recorded and well performed.. but ultimately not very enjoyable songs' That sort of expressed it for me. YMMV.
    MVJ likes this.
  13. MVJ

    MVJ madvinyljunkie,Professional Plonker & PFM Member

    Thanks I'm enjoying it myself too I'll do a male version soon....
  14. Graham H

    Graham H pfm Member

    Iva Bittova
    Dagmar Krause
    Beth Gibbons
    Maria Callas
    Billie Holiday
  15. herb

    herb music live

    Norma Winstone
    Beth Gibbons
    Meredith Monk

    Erm that's it

  16. vince rocker

    vince rocker pfm Member

    Four from one family...Norma Waterson, Lal Waterson, Marry Waterson, Eliza Cathy.
    And because I'm just listening now, Lhasa de Sela.
  17. ff1d1l

    ff1d1l pfm Member

    Sandy Denny
    Ricky Lee Jones
    Sinead O'Connor
    Margo Timmins
    Petra Magoni
  18. vuk

    vuk \o/ choose anarchy

    gundula janowitz
    maria callas
    astrid varnay
    margaret price
    billie holiday

    + one more -- natalie dessay (mainly on the strength of her acting, like callas) .
    this would be a sort of fetish fulfilled:

  19. wwelly

    wwelly pfm Member

    The Top Five (Band names for relevant albums, shown in brackets)
    1. Natalie Merchant - In My Tribe (10,000 Maniacs)
    2. Kate Bush - The Kick Inside or Aerial
    3. Joni Mitchell - Blue
    4. Harriet Wheeler - Reading, Writing and Arithmetic (The Sundays)
    5. Bjork - Life's Too Good (The Sugarcubes) or Debut

    Honorable Mentions

    Lorde - Pure Heroine
    Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman
  20. Joni Mitchell
    Carol King
    Isobel Campbell
    Natalie Merchant
    Harriet Wheeler

    Special mention to Lisa Stansfield who at 14, sang I Will Survive and Sunday Girl in consecutive weeks to win our school music competition. I've been to a lot of gigs and her performances (with our music teacher on piano) were among the very best I've ever heard, unforgetable.

    Cheers BB

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