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Zaha Hadid RIP

Discussion in 'off topic' started by Tony L, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. fay spook

    fay spook pfm Member

    There's plenty of reason why she and others haven't got many buildings here. Some of it is because of a lot of the sh!te that has gone up but there are other reasons.

    Following of from above. We lived next to a leaking David Adjaye building that was in a semi permanent state of being repaired. The owners did have a nice Honda NSX so at least one thing in their life looked good and worked.
  2. CHE

    CHE pfm Member

    What a bonkers opinion ! So architecture is just around for people to look at ? Well make the whole thing solid so it doesn't leak or fall down and injure people and forget about any actual use by people.

    I know enough architects that produce practical, safe, leak-free and in-expensive buildings that are interesting to look at and use. It seems that some around here are happy with bling, whether on a building or wrapped around their shoulders.

  3. mmaatt

    mmaatt pfm Member

    Thanks for the heads up - will visit soon.

    On a walk in the Clerkenwell area not long ago I noticed her office/studio, where there's lots of interesting stuff you can see through the windows.

  4. lutyens10

    lutyens10 pfm Member

    I will miss her tenacity and her drive for a different way of looking at buildings. She has been a very important architect. Whether she was a 'good' architect will take some time. Will she be a 'great architect? This will also take time. Personally I struggle with her architecture and designs. That fire station for Vitra was once the subject of a BBC 2 series where workers for whom a building was designed were taken around it and they commented. In this case a fireman from the UK was taken around and he was very suspicious of the building. The pole, yes it was designed with a pole, was not at the end of the corridor on the first floor with a window at the end in front of you looking out onto the trucks/tenders but in an alcove just to the side of it. Not easy to use in an emergency! The doors on to the garage with the fire tenders did not seal because the door was a grand slanting sheet, which meant that the tenders could easily freeze in the winter and the stair cases had extending and very pointed strings which could be tripped over. Vitro built another fire-station shortly afterwards and this one became a showroom. Her BMW building is a nightmare to find the way in. That 'Brutalism' of which I can be a fan, means that you cannot find the entrance easily, surely something that is quite important in a headquarters building! Her first building in the UK, a Maggies Centre, which is a centre for those in the last stages of life with cancer is black! It is covered/clad with roofing felt and has punctured and torn and had not been repaired the last time I visited it. ( I went to have a look not as a patient I would add quickly.)

    She has designed at least one magnificent building which is the Messner Mountain Centre. There are probably others! However that ego was pretty unflappable and I fear much of her work is/was 'emperors new clothes' stuff. What she really was was a thinker and thank goodness for thinkers like her. They challenge who we look at and how we do things. She had her early sketch books/drawings of her early designs in the RA when she was just starting out. They highlighted how she had started to deconstruct how we used architectural drawings and what they might represent.

    As I say, we will miss her.

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