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Zeppelin 45 box set..??

Discussion in 'music' started by jaf229, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. jaf229

    jaf229 pfm Member

    The usual mags and sites are offering a box set of zeppelin..i believe its every song, on a 12" 45. Anyone heard this. is this a collectors item or is it meant to sound better only havoing 1 song per side?
  2. Martin M

    Martin M Crueller than April

    If it's the Classic Records box set, it has more than one song per side. Apparently sounds great too. The first (and so far only) pressing has long sold out, so I don't rate your chances of getting hold of one.

    The Classic 33 rpm re-issues are good (if a bit trebly for II).
  3. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

  4. jaf229

    jaf229 pfm Member

    yes, thats it. 750usd, but thats for 45 records..so 16 bucks eachs isnt really that bad considering...
  5. lordsummit

    lordsummit Moderator

    I've got 1-4 and Physical Graffiti on Classic, they're very very good, but that only cost about £150, still I suppose you get everything, but what a ballache swapping every song or so....
  6. jaf229

    jaf229 pfm Member

    good point Lord, I too have 1-4 and phys graf....gotta get song remains the same and presence next
  7. jaf229

    jaf229 pfm Member

    to any other zep fans...anyone recommmend any specific live/bootleg lps? ive got bbc sessions on vinyl, and No quarter, plant and Page..and early days on vinyl...but looking for anything else i havent heard. thx
  8. neiljadman

    neiljadman Senior Member

    The classic bootleg is Blueberry Hill. Sound quality is iffy...but the performance is mesmerizing.
  9. prowla

    prowla pfm Member

    I heard a great blues album with Plant singing, the other day in a record shop. I dunno what it was, but his singing was absolutely fantastic, better than anything he did in Zeppelin. I think it might've been pre-Zep, but I'm not sure.
  10. rod

    rod beach bum

    The 45rpm version of The Song Remains The Same has Dazed And Confused split over two sides. Pointless. I also notice the running order has obviously been changed to accommodate the 45rpm format. I bought the remasters box set years ago. I just couldn't get to grips with the randomness of it all.
  11. icksilver

    icksilver Registered Bodger

    Check the listings for Led Zeppelin on this page [http://db.etree.org/cathy_liebchen.
    I have found some of her descriptions useful when obtaining Zeppelin boots in the past.
    I have got quite a few of my boots from this site http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/index.php
    If you are interested I can put a few different ones on a DVD as FLAC files and you can convert them yourself.
  12. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    Hot Wacks have produced a fairly comprehensive guide to Zep boots that's now in it's third edition. The author Luis Rey is clearly a fanatic and it's worth flicking through just to read some of the hyperbole he uses to describe his favourite performances :)

    I found an old copy of the first edition in Oxfam the other week. Woo!

  13. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    You might also find dimeadozen.org useful for lossless tapes.
  14. icksilver

    icksilver Registered Bodger

    I hear that they are not taking new members though. Most of the files come up on The Traders Den eventually though.
  15. paulfromcamden

    paulfromcamden Baffled

    I think they have a 100,000 (!) user cap but purge disused accounts on a regular basis to free up slots.

    I just make sure I keep using my account so it's not wiped!
  16. rod

    rod beach bum

    Sorry, missed your post there.

    There is a shedload of Zep stuff out there. It really depends on what you're looking for. If you have the bandwidth, as Paul says, Dime / TTD / Tapecity (ex. Bootcity) are well worth a go. Especially to get a flavour of what's available.

    There is also the Royal Orleans site (Presence's private tracker). You can have a read through the forum there, but if you want to join the torrent tracker, or join in the vines, you will need to register, as you cannot see that part of the forum otherwise. A lot of the stuff that appears on the torrent sites, originates from the members on here.

    Vines are an excellent way to avoid using up bandwidth - especially if you don't have much to spare in the first place. They are generally either specific boot releases, or someone will have accumulated just about all of the individual shows available for a given year and burn them to data dvd for sending by post. All you have to do is copy them and post the originals on to the next person on the list (in a timely fashion). I have hoovered up more Zep shows (and the few dvds available) in the last few months than a lifetime of tape trading would ever have unearthed. OK, there are loads of poor / average quality shows that I probably will never listen to, but I do have most of the best quality available. Only 1973/77/79/80 to go. ;-)

    A couple of excellent review sites to give you an idea of what has been pressed up as boots, many of which are available from the above sites. -


    Underground Uprising
  17. rod

    rod beach bum

    You're right there.
  18. jaf229

    jaf229 pfm Member

    im quite computer illerate..never downloaded a song...nor do i want to...my goal was to look for and buy zeppelin bootleg records..lps and/or 45's...no digital media. thanks to all others for the websites!! cheers!
  19. rod

    rod beach bum

    I have no idea of the current availability of vinyl Zep boots (never looked), as I don't imagine that any have been produced since the cd became commonplace. I do have a couple that will likely never be played again (see below), but would imagine that a fair number are owned by collectors who will not part with them - until death perhaps? - even then many will likely end up in a skip.

    I would also imagine that the sound quality of almost every show available on vinyl has been improved by varying degrees (from click and pop removal to discovery of new and better sources, soundboards, matrixes, and the like) since the age of digital, with the last five /ten years seeing a lot of activity.

    I personally think this is one area where vinyl (for the most part) cannot compete with digital, but good luck to you on your quest.
  20. JTC

    JTC PFM Villager...

    The first Remasters box set (and BS2 which followed) truly are an enigma of bizarreness - kinda like someone shuffled everything up. Now I'm on an SB3 I'm tempted to make Playlists for LZ1 through Coda...

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